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Annoying people

I have been involved with all sorts of work-from-home businesses the past five years. Well, only Internet related businesses. During this time, I have talked to all sorts of people too. Good leaders and bad leaders. People who earned a great income from their business, and people who didn´t earn any money at all.

But what most of them have in common, is that they do not share their money-making “secrets”. I think that this is a really bad idea.  If you are earning money on the Internet, you should write down, step-by-step, how you are doing it. And you should be providing this information to all the people you care about, and all the people who contact you.

What my experience have thought me, is that rather than give you this information, most people (especially, the so called gurus) write their step-by-step system, and what do they do, they sell it to you. They have a site telling you that they have been earning thousands of dollars with this system, and now it`s your turn. But first you would have to pay them $19.95 for the information.

I think this is really annoying. The information should be free.  But I do understand that a lot of people are earning money as affiliates, selling the ebooks packed with various money-making-secrets. The problem is, there are tons of ebooks with exactly the same information, with the only intention, for the author and the affiliates to earn money from you.

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