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Amy Winehouse drugs and Marketing

A great singer and a great performer, but currently she is having problems in Norway. She arrived yesterday in Bergen, and today all the major newspapers in the country published a story about her being arrested for drug possession (the story is in Norwegian).

If this is true, she is obviously having problems. I don’t know much about Amy Winehouse other than from what I have seen and heard of her singing and her performances. So, I am not going to comment the drug problems.

A story like this got me thinking, and I am not trying to be provocative (so please don’t think that I am). But one thought came to my mind when I read this story, and that’s the idea of celebrities having to expose themselves in order to stay popular. As soon as we forget the lyrics to the Rehab song, and we will, we always do. What will she be then, what would any celebrity be as soon as we forget their faces and their songs? They won’t be a celebrity, they won’t be recognized as often and by as many people as today.

I am not saying that this is why she is doing the drugs, I am actually not saying she is doing drugs at all. I am just presenting a thought about celebrity marketing themselves by exposing themselves in order to stay a celebrity. Sometimes they show up without any panties, sometimes a sex video shows up on the Internet, sometimes they get arrested for shoplifting.

… and sometimes it’s all about marketing.

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