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Is this allowed at MyBlogLog?

Now I have been a member at MyBlogLog since January 9th and I have been in contact with a lot of people that I would have never met if it wasn´t for this community. And I get more visitors to my blog as well, it´s all free and I am enjoying it so far. Yesterday I started to think about my new site, the Online Marketing Catalog that I am more or less launching now (a step by step launch).

It would be great to promote this site at MyBlogLog as well. In my profile it is an option where I can add new sites/blogs. I haven´t seen any rules/guidelines where it says that I can´t add a regular website to my profile and start a community with a regular site. And when it says add a site/blog, then I guess it means that you can add a regular site? I have no clue, because the name MyBlogLog seems to be related to blogs and I don´t remember seeing a regular site there yet.

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