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All The WordPress Plugins I am using

The reason I am writing this blog post, is not only to show you all the wordpress plugins I am using, but also to ask you to show me the ones you are using.

I am still sort of struggling when it comes to plugins. I know it sounds a bit, what’s the word I am looking for? … time consuming 🙂

It feels like I am instaling new plugins several times a week, and I almost always end up deactivating them after a few days. I don’t know why, but I just keep looking for new plugins. So, instead of just keep looking for new ones, I thought I’d let you know about the ones I have installed, and that you’ll share yours with me.

The wordpress plugins I am using

Here’s the list of the ones I am using. The list is alphabetical. I will explain why I am using the plugins just below the list.

Let me explain why I am using them.


I use AddToAny at the bottom of all my post. This plugin helps my readers to share or bookmark my posts.


I use Akismet to fight spam. And it’s doing a great job.

AWeber Web Forms

I use AWeber Web Forms to get people to sign up for my newsletter.

Clean Archives Reloaded

I use Clean Archives Reloaded for my archives page. I like the way it show all my blog posts in a clean and simple layout.


I have just installed CommentLuv, and I did it because I have seen that most of the people I admire in the blogosphere are also using it. It let’s people add a link to their latest blog posts at the bottom of their comments.

FD Feedburner Plugin

I use FD Feedburner plugin to redirect my RSS feed to Feedburner. This way all the people who are subscribing to my feed are doing it through Feedburner.

Fix Rss Feeds

I have experienced a lot of problems with my RSS feed lately, so I installed Fix Rss Feed and it did exactly that. I am not sure if I need to keep it for a long time or not, but it’s still active, just in case.

Google XML Sitemaps

I have just installed Google XML Sitemaps plugin, a plugin I should have installed a long time ago. It builds a sitemap, that’s what it does.

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

I bought the Ninja Affiliate plugin from MaxBlogPress a while ago. It helps me create short and nice affiliate links, and it tracks the clicks with an easy to understand statistics for each link.


I bought Premise about a three weeks ago. It’s a WordPress plugin from Copyblogger. It helps me create stunning landing pages. I haven’t launched a single landing page with it, but I will sometime soon.


I am using Redirection to manages all my 301 redirects.


I installed ReplyMe after I noticed a lot of other people was using it. And it’s one of the smartest things I have done in a long time. What it does is that it sends an email to commentators automatically after someone replies to their comments.

Smart 404

I am using Smart 404 in order to create a better 404 error page (when someone enters a page that doesn’t exist). It uses the current URL to attempt to find matching content, and redirects to it automatically.

Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget

Look in the sidebar, and you’ll see ways to connect with me. That’s the Subscribe/Connect/Follow widget. At the moment I have added Twitter, Facebook and RSS. I could have added many more, but so far I feel that that’s enough.

Top Commenters Gravatar

As I am writing this, the Top Commenters Gravatar plugin is at the top in the sidebar and it shows the avatar of the top commentators this month. When you read a post, it will show the avatar of every single person who have commented on it (it’s also a link to their site).

TweetMeme Retweet Button

I have added the TweetMeme Retweet button at the top of all my posts. I have done this in order to make it even easier to retweet my posts. I am not sure if I need one at the top and one at the bottom (AddToAny), but since a lot of people are doing this, and it seems to be almost standard, I added it as well.

Your turn

I would love to get your thoughts on the plugins I have installed, and to see which ones you have installed.

I have installed 16 plugins, how many have you installed?

37 responses to “All The WordPress Plugins I am using”

  1. Brankica says:

    I was looking to change my share buttons the other day and chose not to put AddtoAny cause I thought they were not visible enough. Now thinking if I thought wrong 🙂

    I don’t use Akismet any more, turned to GASP.

    Definitely love your archives so I will look into this archinves plugin.

    I use some others you list here. For example, love Redirection and ReplyMe.

    But what I am really interested in is Premise. I haven’t heard of it before and I am definitely going to wait for you to create a londing page and see how it works.

    I have 50+ plugins installed, about 30+ active 😉

    • jens says:

      Hi Brankica,

      I have been thinking about using something other than Akismet (takes up too much of my time to check the spam, by the way your comment was marked as spam as well). Thanks a lot for this, I am from now using GASP instead of Akismet.

      I will let you know as soon as I launch my first landing page with Premise. The plugin is awesome, the only problem is that I need to write the words, and that takes a lot of time, especially when I am also writing a novel 🙂

      50+ plugins, wow… I hope your next post will be about your plugins 😉

      Thanks a lot for this awesome comment Brankica.

  2. Suresh Khanal says:

    Thanks for this share. I found I need to consider some of the plugins you mentioned like Ninja.

    I suggest a few more on your blog for security like
    1) Login LockDown : Stops the brut force method of login hack
    2) Antivirus: Scans your theme files and warns specious scripts.
    3) Firewall : Prevents from accidental or intentional modification and injection

    I wrote about these plugins I’m using on my blog bit longer past, so could not offer the link in CommentLuv link but anybody can easily find doing a search on my blog.

    Happy blogging friend!

    • jens says:

      Hi Suresh,

      The Ninja plugin is awesome for people involved in affiliate marketing. It can even turn your words into affiliate links with just a few clicks.

      I haven’t been focusing on security issues at all. The closest thing has been Akismet to help me with spam. Now, I have just installed GASP instead, and I’ll definitively look at the three plugins you are using. One of my old blogs got hacked, and it was a nightmare.

      Thanks a lot Suresh, this is really helpful.

      • Suresh Khanal says:

        I should give it a try, though I’m not much in affiliates but the road ultimately leads to the direction, isn’t it?

        I feel all those three plugins is a must. Though we can’t make everything bulletproof, but its good to tighten the latches and bolts.

        It was nice discussing with you.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Hello Dolly. That’s it. Do I need any others?

    Just kidding.

    I agree with you, Jens. I tend to accumulate plugins like apps on my iPhone. I collect them, try them out and then delete a lot.

    Akismet (which flagged your first comment on my blog as spam, BTW)

    Alexa Rank (though I’ve installed and activated this, it doesn’t show up on my blog, maybe my number is too large to fit on my page!)


    Contact Form by Contact Me

    Do Follow

    Easy Facebook Like Button

    FD Feedburner

    Find Me On widget

    Google Analyticator

    Google Analytics

    Google XML Sitemaps

    Greg’s High Performance SEO


    PollDaddy Polls (I do a weekly poll on Thursdays)

    Post Teaser (this really helped my blog as users who went to my website address say the day’s post but not a comment box. Now they see excerpts from the last few days’ posts.)

    Press Tags (very helpful to discover similar blogs with news of the day)

    QR Code Tag (a widget that generates a QR code for the day’s blog post. I have this because I have a tech blog. But there is no reason to have this otherwise as someone doesn’t need a QR code if they have already found my blog post.)

    Scissors Continued (I haven’t used this yet, but I use a lot of images on my blog so I think this may be handy)

    SEO Auto Links & Related Posts

    Sociable for WordPress 3.0

    Subscribe 2

    Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

    TweetMeme Retweet Button

    Twitter Follow Me Box I love this one as it follows the reader down the screen

    Twitter Stream This shows my last 3 tweets in a widget

    Twitter Tools – URLs

    WP Cirrus This is a cool widget that makes my tag cloud float like a cloud

    WP-Smiley I just installed this one and hope it brings added cheer to the blog!

    That’s 28 and I might just add the Top Commenter plug in to encourage comments.

    Great topic for a blog. This was very useful. Thanks for sharing your information!

    • jens says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      You are using many plugins that I haven’t even heard of. I am especially interested in the post teaser… and your polls looks awesome.

      I have to check out all your plugins and decide which ones I am going to install 🙂

      Thanks a lot for another brilliant comment.

  4. Kavita says:

    Hi Jens. Thanks for the list. I know Ninja affiliate plugin is great but currently it is out of my budget.

    Are you not using any cache plugin? W3 total cache or Super cache.

    Premise is new to me. I will check it out. Thanks for the share.

    • Carolyn says:

      Hi Kavita, I’m not using a cache plugin either. I tried it and found it didn’t speed up loading of my page. Also, refreshing my pages didn’t provide me with updated information.

      But many bloggers rave about caching plugins so I think I’m missing something. Could you let us know why you like your cache plugin and which one you use? Thanks!

      • Suresh Khanal says:

        Hi Carolyn,

        I guess it matters when greater number of people are accessing same post. In case of low traffic, there has nothing to do with cashing. The page when first accessed is brought into cache and when many others access the same page, it is delivered from that cache rather than querying to the WP System again and again.

        I don’t have much traffic but I’m using w3 TotalCache. Who knows one day one of my post will be a fire 😉

        • Carolyn says:

          Thanks, Suresh, that is very helpful. Yes, I’m fairly new to blogging so my traffic probably isn’t high enough to warrant caching. But when it is, that will be a good problem to have! 🙂

    • Hi Kavita,

      I have been using a cache plugin, I think it was super cache. But, as Carolyn writes, I didn’t experience any speed up loading my pages. So, I decided to uninstall it.

      I will share my first landing page, made with Premise, sometime soon.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

    • lovelyn says:

      I already installed this plugins called CommentLuv allow me to share about this plugins. This plugin will visit the site of the comment author while they type their comment and retrieve their last blog posts which they can choose to include at the bottom of their comment when they click submit.
      By using this plugin It has been found to increase comments and the community spirit for the thousands of blogs that have installed it.

      my deep appreciation to the author and respect. thank you very much.

  5. Kavita says:

    Hi Jens and Carolyn,

    I recently observed that my blog was loading very slow so I checked at site speed checker on and the Speed (kb/sec) was just 12 so I decided to use a cache plugin and W3 total cache is said to be best and used by most bloggers and I was surprised to see the result. Now the speed has increased to 331 and load time reduced to 0.22 sec.

    Since you both have asked I have tested my domain, both your domains and some my other blogger friend’s domains. I have taken a screenshot of the result and uploaded for you.
    The link is I will delete this file in 2 days.

    Technology blog pages generally take more time. It also depends on the browser, internet speed, hosting and incoming traffic.

    I am not an expert, but most SEO and web designing people recommend use of cache plugins.

    I hope I was helpful to you. Good luck.

    • Suresh Khanal says:

      You can think its OK if your load time is below 6 secs. 0.22 is wonderful. It should stay below 7 secs even when you have too many images and comments on that page. This is what I read in most places. Caching plugins help to reduce load time and it is recommended especially when Google has started to consider load time as a ranking factor.

      • I have never thought about loading time of below 7 seconds, and that Google are conisdering load time as a ranking factor.

        Thanks a lot for sharing. I should take a look at my load time and see if I should install one of the plugins.

  6. Ileane says:

    Hey Jens, WordPress has so many great plugins that sometimes it’s hard to choice the best ones to use. I’m really glad to see you added CommentLuv to the list 🙂

    When you get a chance let’s talk more about the trouble you were having with your RSS feed. Are you talking about the raw WordPress feed or the FeedBurner feed? I think everyone has problems with the WP feed. I see the errors in Google Webmaster tools all the time, but I didn’t know there was a plugin for fixing it.

    Thanks for the links!

    • Hi Ileane,

      I am not sure what happened with my RSS feed. It wasn’t working and I received an error about some blank lines or something. I can’t remember the error. I searched google and found a few plugins and I got the help I needed 🙂

      It was wordpress and not feedburner that was causing the problem. But I have no idea what happened, because I don’t think that I did anything wrong. But now it’s working and I am happy again 🙂

      Thanks a lot for visiting and for commenting.

  7. David Williams says:

    Thanks for the tips. I definitely need to add Akismet to my blog. It was getting flooded with spam comments and I had to disable commenting until I can sort something out. Looks like Akismet may well be my answer 🙂

    • jens says:

      Hi David,

      I have actually just uninstalled Akismet. I received tips from several of my readers that I should be using GASP instead. So, that’s what I am using now, and it works great.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      – Jens

  8. Art of RetroCollage says:

    I have about 80 plugins active. Many are just set-and-forget.
    I enjoy having LinkedWithin, Duplicate Post, and W3 Cache, among others.
    Since I find it useful to get my new artwork in front of as many eyes as possible, I’m trying out a new one called Automatic Backlink Creator.

    • Wow, 80 plugins active, that’s the most I have ever heard of 🙂

      I haven’t tried any of the plugins you mention. I will look them up. LinkedWithin, is that a plugin to link between posts?

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  9. Abdul Rehman says:

    Akismet and Add to Any are extremely useful plugins for all blogs. I also use ‘All in one SEO’ plugin, it really helps in setting the page titles, keywords and descriptions for the search engine. I’ll recommend you to check it out. 🙂

    • jens says:

      Hi Abdul,

      I have actually stopped using Akismet, and instead I am now using GASP. It works great, and I haven’t received any spam after I installed it. With Akismet I had to look at my spam folder every single day, because some of the comments was labeled spam. I received a lot of spam, so it took a while to find the legit comments.

      I have been using All in one SEO, but it’s sort of integrated in the theme I am using.

      Thanks a lot for the tips.

      – Jens

  10. Ricardo Nuñez says:

    Cool man. I’ll create a post showing my plugins. I have few more because I’m always testing plugins, but I’ve not used these ones:
    MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate
    Smart 404
    Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget
    Top Commenters Gravatar

    • jens says:

      Hi Ric,

      I’m looking forward to read your post on the plugins you are using. I’m always looking for new plugins to add to my list, but at the same time I am trying not to use too many 🙂

      ReplyMe is awesome, because it helps with comments. After I installed it, it seems that it’s easier to get the conversation going. Like now, you’re probably reading this in the email you received 🙂

  11. John Lamar says:

    Thanks for sharing the plugin list.
    I use Category by Order and will try: Clean Archives Reloaded.

  12. allenary says:

    I’d have to give blessing with you on this. Which is not something I typically do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment.

  13. Reginald says:

    I am curious to find out what blog platform you are working with? I’m experiencing some small security issues with my latest blog and I’d like to find something more secure. Do you have any suggestions?

  14. cochang says:

    Thank for konwage your site content. I will to like more.

  15. Lorenzo says:

    I also use Redirection to help me correct broken links that are reported in Google webmaster tools. You can also use it to mask / cloak referral or affiliate links.

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