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All the lonely people

Once in a while, I feel that I am all alone. It makes me think of all the lonely people. Don’t get me wrong. I’m absolutely not alone. I’m surrounded by awesome people every day. But, once in a while, that’s not enough.

all the lonely people

It’s dark outside. It’s 5 am. I’m here, on the couch, alone, thinking about what I could be doing for all the lonely people who’s somewhere out there. I’m writing, next to the fireplace. The only light I see is from the fire and the screen on my computer. I’m trying to find the glass of water on the table. It’s that dark.

Sometimes, I believe it’s all a state of mind. You’re not lonely. There are always someone who cares about you. There are always someone who’d listen to you. Someone to talk to. But, you think it’s not.

Sometimes, it’s not a state of mind.

An iPhone app for all the lonely people

I haven’t created an iPhone app yet. I have written about my favorite iPhone app. But, I’d like to create my own. My first iPhone app would be an app for all the lonely people. I’m not sure what I’d call it. But, it would be a simple app. It would only be two features. Good morning. Good night. Click a button when you wake up. And everyone who has the app installed would see that you are wishing them good morning. Everyone can wish you a good morning. One click. Reply. Good morning. When you go to bed, click a button to wish everyone a good night. They’ll do the same to you. One click. Good night.

I don’t think I’d make any money from this app. But, if I was lonely, I’d love an app like that. I’m sure it would make me feel great. So simple, yet so powerful.

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