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Review of All Marketers Are Liars

I have just finished reading the book from famous author Seth Godin, it’s called All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust WorldMarketing Books)

The book was just plain awesome, and that’s why it’s the book of the month for December.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I bought this book, that’s all because of the title. I guess I thought that it would be a book about examples of how marketers lie. But it’s actually something completely different.

It’s about storytelling.

I was lying to you when I named this book. Marketers aren’t liars. They are just storytellers. It’s the consumers who are liars. As consumers, we lie to ourselves every day. We lie to ourselves about what we wear, where we live, how we vote and what we do at work. Successful marketers are just the providers of stories that consumers choose to believe.

It’s about worldview.

People don’t want to change their worldview. They like it, they embrace it and they want it to be reinforced.

It’s about frames.

Frames are the words and images and interactions that reinforce a bias someone is already feeling.

When you tell stories that are framed to get past a person’s biases, and give the speaker the chance to tell the story, you need to know how.

For instance, there are many words that you need to think about depending who you talk to. Nightclub might seem like not so nice place to some people, if you use party space instead, the person might get a completely different view. If you are presenting your maid as a room attendant, it sounds a lot more interesting.

It’s all about wants, most people really don’t need stuff anyway.

Does it really matter that the $80,000 Porsche Cayenne and the $36,000 VW Touareg are virtually the same vehicle, made in the same factory?

Or why am I going to buy the brand new Macbook, even though it’s not measurably faster than the one I am going to replace?

The reason the consumers are the real liars, is that we all know (at least most of us) that our lives won’t change much if we buy new pair of Puma sneakers. We just tell ourselves the story about why they would be perfect for us.

The book is really entertaining, and by reading it, I have learned a lot, certainly about storytelling.

Every consumer has a worldview that affects the product you want to sell. That worldview alters the way they interpret everything you say and do. Fram your story in terms of that worldview, and it will be heard.

I consider this book to be some what interesting for everybody. If you are not a marketer, you can read it in order to understand what’s going on, what marketers are trying to do. This way, you’ll think twice the next time you see an advertisement for Coca Cola Zero, or a brand new healthy snack.

If you are a marketer, I think that this book might be vital for your survival in the business. It helps you understand your real audience, and it helps you shape your marketing.

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