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The Age of Feedback

I have written about social proof, and how important it is to use social proof to get customers. Today, I want to be focusing on a different topic, the topic of building relationships.

Today, it’s easier than ever to build relationships and it’s more important than ever. As I’m writing this, I keep thinking that sometimes, I feel that I’m obsessing over feedback. I used to have a wonderful time when I was alone. I felt great. I wasn’t thinking about anything, or anyone, it was just me and the moment. But, something has changed me.

I’m looking for feedback. Now, more than ever. I still enjoy being alone. But, many times, I’m thinking about what other people are doing, and especially, what other people are thinking about what I’m thinking about, and if they are thinking about the same as me.

It’s so easy to publish a sentence, or an image, on social media, and “ask” for feedback. We get feedback as comments, and we get feedback as likes.

For instance, I’m currently at the office, looking outside at the rain. I want to listen to music, but instead of just start listening, I want feedback from my friends. I want to know what they recommended. I want to know what they are listening to. I just published the question on Facebook, and at the moment I’m listening to Birdy for the first time.

Feedback is building relationships

The reason I want feedback, is not because I am using it to build relationships. But, it does makes me think. When you give people feedback, you’re actually building a relationship with them. You like what they’re doing, or you’re commenting on their thoughts. It makes them think of you. It makes them appreciate you, and your support. When people comment on my status updates, I notice who they are, and it makes me appreciate them more. I think of you when you comment on my blog posts.

Think about it. We are all marketers. I believe that spending 10 minutes on Facebook a day, to look at what you’re friends are doing, and giving them feedback, should be one of your top priorities. I’m thinking that every single person who are publishing something on social media, are looking for some sort of feedback. I’m not saying that it’s the reason why they are doing it, but they know that people are watching, and we all appreciate (positive) feedback.

Understanding the filter

I don’t fear zero likes, but it does make me think. If I get zero likes, or very few people give me any sort of feedback, I ask why? Didn’t they see my update, maybe it was because I hadn’t been considering Facebook Edgerank when I published it? Or, didn’t they like what I was saying? I think about it. I do. Mostly, because I’m managing social media for several clients. I want to understand what fascinates people. I really want to help. I really want feedback.

Looking outside, at the rain, watching people walk by my office window, I’m thinking that I could have provided feedback to every single one of my friends. But, I need to filter. I don’t want my friends to get tired of me. I usually don’t give feedback on things that doesn’t interest me. I don’t give feedback on things that doesn’t need feedback. And, I just don’t have the time. Understanding the filter is what understanding feedback is about. For instance, if someone is reading my question about music, and they see that I have received 20 suggestions, they might think that I have received enough. That’s their filter.

Your turn

Are you building relationship by providing feedback? And, do you ever think about your filter or the filter of your friends?

Let’s discuss.

2 responses to “The Age of Feedback”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jens,

    I think that’s what we all want really. I mean we put our thoughts and information out there in front of people and we all would like their opinion. I believe so at least.

    When it comes to products we use or services I definitely want to know what my friends recommend over just searching for something. As in your case, the music is what’s on your mind at the moment. I would definitely take their advice over someone I didn’t know.

    As for the likes on Facebook, I don’t like things anymore. I prefer to actually comment on something even if it’s just a smile. After I learned how Facebook can manipulate that it was a huge turnoff for me. So I think some people are just cautious in that area or they sure should be.

    Thanks for sharing this and you’re right. Feedback can lead to building relationships and I think that will get us further then anything else.

    Have yourself an awesome week.


    • Hey Adrienne,

      This is very interesting. I still like a lot of things on Facebook. And, I haven’t thought much about that Facebook can manipulate the results. Maybe, I’ll start commenting as well? It’s so easy to just like something instead of adding a comment.

      You certainly got me thinking Adrienne 🙂

      – Jens

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