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Affordable search engine optimization

I am one of the first people to say how important relationships are in marketing, and I’m one of the first people to state the importance of storytelling.


I am also one of the first people to stand up, when everyone else is sitting, and talk about the importance of affordable search engine optimization.


Affordable search engine optimization is what close to 90% of my clients are looking for. And, many of them want to learn it and do it themselves.

Affordable search engine opimization – 2 tools

I could have told them that all the tools are free, because that’s the truth. But, the tools are only free if you’re more or less an expert in search engine optimization, and you have the time to keep digging for the details.

But, what I really tell them is this; to do affordable search engine optimization, you need two tools.

The reason this becomes affordable search engine optimization, is that I teach my clients to use two specific software. I’ll make a brief introduction to both of them right now.

The price is $97 for Long Tail Pro and $47 for SEO Pressor. That’s a total of $144 (one-time-fee). That’s what I call affordable search engine optimization.

Keyword research and tracking

I show my clients to do their keyword research and tracking in 3 simple steps. It’s more detailed than what I’m describing right now, but you’ll get my point.

Step 1 – Discover the keywords

I tell my clients to start out by defining their keywords. If they add a phrase like facebook contestsΒ to Long Tail Pro, they’ll get hundreds of alternatives (613 to be exact).

affordable search engine optimization

They’ll see the average cost per click in Google AdWords, the local search volume, the global search volume and advertiser competition.

And, when they click on a keyword with a fairly high search volume, they’ll discover the competition.

Step 2 – Discover the competition

I always tell my clients to do research on their competition. When they find relevant keywords with high search volumes, they need to take a look at the competition to see if they can get a high ranking within a fairly short amount of time.

long tail pro competition

I usually tell my clients to focus on the top 10 results in Google and if they can’t make the top 10, well, then leave it. Find a different keyword.

There are many factors that are important when it comes to ranking high in search engines, like if they’ve added the keywords in the url, title, description and meta tags. And if the site has a high Page Rank. The age of the domain is important and so is the amount of backlinks (and the quality of the backlinks).

Step 3 – Track the results

I tell my clients to create a system where they track their results. That’s because, after they’ve published the content, they need to follow their path to the top of the search engines.

long tail pro tracking

I tell them to promote their articles and build links and much more, and that they should keep looking at the rankings at least a few times a month, to see if what they’re doing has any effect.

$97 for Long Tail Pro is part of what I call affordable search engine optimization. Any business can do this. That’s my opinion.

Keyword optimization = SEO Pressor

I tell my clients to use SEO Pressor as part of the affordable search engine optimization system. SEO Pressor is a plugin for WordPress that shows people exactly what to do in order to do keyword optimization.

seopressor for keyword optimization

It’s the easiest way, it’s as simple as that. And it works great. Instead of learning exactly what to do, and remembering everything, just write and see what’s missing. It’s like having a search engine expert by your side while you’re working.

$144 is affordable search engine optimization

For most of my clients, this is exactly the tools they need. They’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes, and they’ll see results fairly fast. And for a business, no matter the size of the business, $144 is affordable search engine optimization.

I am not saying that Long Tail Pro and SEO Pressor are the best tools, and that you can guarantee #1 rankings and thousands of visitors, because there are a lot of better tools and services for search engine optimization. But, if you combine the two tools, I don’t think you’ll find anything as powerful for that price.

That’s my bold statement. And that’s what I’m telling my clients.

18 responses to “Affordable search engine optimization”

  1. Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Jens, well I do consider $144 affordable search engine optimization as well.

    I use Market Samurai for keyword research and I believe that if you don’t buy it on the first week (at about $100 or so) then the regular price is about $147 so it’s a bit more pricy than Long Tail Pro and SEO Pressor together.

    I’m not too concerned on pagerank anymore but I still get some organic traffic from Google, these plugins should definitely come in handy for that.


    • Hey Sergio,

      I have heard many good things about Market Samurai as well, and I believe that it doesn’t matter if you buy Market Samurai or Long Tail Pro. Both are awesome products. But, I tell my clients, the ones who are looking to do SEO themselves to buy Long Tail Pro and SEO Pressor. This way they can manage most of the seo process, and with SEO Pressor they get the help to create the “right” content.

      For most businesses $144 is cheap when it comes to this kind of marketing.

      By the way, do you have any resources or recommendations for link building?

      • Sergio Felix says:

        Not really particularly after the Panda and Penguin updates.

        Matt Cutts (head of Google Spam’s Team) said that link number wouldn’t be so strong anymore and that quality of links would have a much higher weight.

        So with this theory in mind, I guess that guest posting on authority blogs could be a way to build “premium quality” links.

        I honestly got tired of going back and forth with Google’s always-changing-policies of links and pagerank.

        • That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. I haven’t written many guest posts, but I’m thinking about starting. It might be the only way to be sure to get “good” high quality backlinks.

          I’m thinking that I’ll publish two blog posts a week, and maybe I’ll write one guest post each week.

  2. Hi Jens,

    You and I are a lot alike in this respect: showing clients the most cost effective way to “Do It Yourself.”

    I like your choice of tools. While I’ve never used Long Tail Pro, I’ve become familiar with SEOPressor (first on BasicBlogTips when guest posting there and then on a site a co-manage). You’ve given me another tool to recommend to someone who recently asked about the best tools for SEO — this is perfect because he is a DIY kinda guy. πŸ˜‰

    Are you looking for venues for guest posting? The Small Business Marketing contest blog is still accepting guest articles and your pragmatic advice would be a good fit! (

    • Hi Vernessa,

      I always give my clients two or more options. One of the options is the cheap alternative, the DIY alternative, and the other ones are that I’m doing the job. There are so many different type of clients so I need to have different options. And the two SEO tools I’m telling them about are just plain awesome for the price we pay.

      I am in fact looking for places to guest post. I don’t have any posts ready, but I will have some ready soon. Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  3. richa says:

    Thanks for this great info. These tools looks pretty good.

  4. Steven says:

    Interesting, how does SEOPresser compare with Yoast’s SEO plugin as that is what I currently opt for?

    • Hi Steven,

      It’s been a while since I tried the SEO plugin from Yoast, but the main difference was that SEO Presser is a lot easier to use. It’s so simple to use that anyone can use it without any knowledge at all. You get every single detail when it comes to what type of SEO you’re going to do, and it shows you exactly how. You get a red color when it’s not done, and a green color when it’s done. It’s that simple.

  5. The given information is useful for taking affordable seo service. but is that utilize quickly at short period of time in high competition keywords.

  6. Joy says:

    These tools will definitely save us a lot of money in the long run and given their efficiency, I don’t see why anyone would hesitate to use these to supplement their SEO techniques. Thanks!

  7. Kristine says:

    Thanks for giving us an in-depth look at these tools. I completely agree that these are cost-efficient ways to do SEO and will be worth the investment.

  8. Keyword considerations sometimes get a overdose turning your content treated as spam by search engines. Good points here that brings good clarity on the subject.

  9. Kimsea says:

    I sound so great tools for SEO. I did not have any tools for effective SEO optimization yet. I am try manual optimizing. Well, I feel like this great and I want to learn more about this tool and just test it.

  10. Chetan Gupta says:

    Thanks for explaining well about this article. πŸ™‚ I want to know that how much keyword density can rank a post on 1st page of Google?? because I notice that some of your post is on 1st or 2nd page of Google.

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