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Affiliate Training Videos at ListHero

I have been reading up on ListHero, how to use it to increase my list, and how it’s possible to promote ListHero to earn money as an affiliate. Even though I think it’s harder to increase my list than when I first join the $1 trial, due to the fact that you are competing with the other members, I understand now that ListHero is useful.

I am not sure how useful it is if you are using it as a free member, because then you don’t get as many exposure points and you won’t be able to stand out from the crowd with bold text and red colour.

I have been looking at the affiliate opportunity at ListHero, and I must say that they have a lot of great promotional stuff in their backoffice. They offer all sorts of banners, text links, video, Ezine ads, articles, blog post and signatures.

And finally, they offer affiliate training videos. Awesome videos for anybody involved with affiliate marketing. Just look at the titles:

1. Welcome to the affiliate training series
2. Can you make money today?
3. How to use an affiliate redirect
4. Use our content…
5. How to write a product review
6. Forums for fun and profit
7. Simple keyword research for affiliates
8. Affiliate income from articles
9. Submit articles for cash
10. Create your own blog
11. A real affiliate business?
12. Add video to your blog
13. How to create your own videos
14. Upload your video
15. How to use web 2.0
16. Create your own product
17. Give your product away
18. 3 ways to sell your product
19. How to advertise off the internet
20. Create a special deal
21. Final affiliate lesson

Even though you are not involved with ListHero, I recommend that you take a look at all the videos you get for free when you join ListHero. I have only had time to watch a few, but soon… I will finish them all.

6 responses to “Affiliate Training Videos at ListHero”

  1. Cindy says:

    My children have a Cheerios book that has little indentions for them to place cheerios in cars, buttons for teddy bears, to play tic tac toe. Of course, they found another way to use the book and decided that it was much more fun to crush the cheerios between the pages! I wasn’t too happy having to clean up cheerio crumbs.

    We like to use them for counting. When they were smaller, cheerios were our way to let the baby play in the high chair and develop their small motor skills as they were trying to grab them and drop them to the floor.

    We are a Cheerios Family. Nutrition wise they are a pretty good way to start the day, too!

  2. Robert says:

    Hi Jens,
    It’s really an amazing stuff. Looking at their website, It’s true as what you said…

    They are turning the focus away from their product and over to the people who are using their product.

    I guess besides promoting their product, they want to provide information, promote healthier lifestyle to their visitors, and as the image of their product and the logo is everywhere in the website, they subconsciously make the readers remember about their product.

    I think that it’s also more effective, people remember more from a picture than words, and it’s a way to engrave their logo into the readers’ mind.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Sherri - Being the Change I Wi says:

    This is great! I have loved Cheerios since I was a kid back in the 60’s. I’ve probably eaten a ton of them in my 47 years.

    Cheerios was the first dry cereal my son ate (regular, not Honey-Nut. Now he loves Honey-Nut). He also played with them while he ate them. We just put them on his high chair tray and let him at it. He would make some amazing pictures, and then he would eat them all up.

    When he was potty training, we put a few Cheerios in the toilet water so he had something to aim at. (If you don’t have boys, you may not know about this. But boys become much neater and better aimers if you train them to do it as they learn to use the potty).

    Now I eat Cheerios because they really do lower your cholesterol. And they also still taste great, just like they tasted when I was a kid. So many things have changed the way they taste because of changes in recipe. Plain Cheerios seems to be exactly the same. I eat Cheerios instead of another healthy cereal because it still tastes great and I don’t feel like I’m eating healthy. I’m just eating something I like that happens to be good for me.

    I also take a bag of them with me whenever I’ll be away from the house for awhile. They’re a great snack, too.

    I can see why Cheerios can go beyond the product to the people who eat them. They are an ingrained part of our culture, so now our stories about Cheerios are what make the product continually great. We pass down a love of something, a passion for it that’s deep-rooted in our own past and lives on in our daily life.

  4. LaRene says:

    Isn’t it interesting what blogging has done to your culture. We are talking about food to strangers. Taking about Cherrios has been me hungry. I think I’ll take a break and go eat lunch.

  5. JoLynn Braley says:

    Hi Jens, I like the points you made, something that we all need to remember whether marketing a product or our own brand.

  6. Caia McCurdy says:

    I think Cheerios are great! In my comp. speech class, I am doing a salesmanship speech on them. I never knew about the potty training thing and I think that it’s simply awesome. I’m really glad that I’m not the only one who loves doing outrageous things with these tiny golden O’s. Also, the candy necklace thing. Amazing! I thought about it and said, well, maybe not… but now I think I’m going to incorporate it. Thanks for all the interesting ideas. It really helps that society is broadening their horizons and turning their thinking cap on 😀

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