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Affiliate Silver Bullets for February

I thought that I had to wait until February 12th to receive my bullets, but when I logged in earlier today, I found all ten of them lined up and waiting for me.

As you can read from some of my other posts regarding Affiliate Silver Bullet, I think that this is a very interesting system.

You pay $37 each month and you get incredible landing pages for top Internet marketing systems. Everything is automated except for the traffic part. Just submit your ClickBank id and start driving traffic to the landing pages, the system will do the rest.

Here are the landing pages for February, and they look even better than the last time (if that’s possible):

If you are interested in what kind of bullets they offered in January, just take a look at the post I published at Day 2 of testing Affiliate Silver Bullet.

In January, I decided to download all the bullets and host them myself. About a week later, Dustin Struckman and his team at Affiliate Silver Bullet launched another option. Now, all the bullets can also be hosted by them. And since I am not using AWeber with the bullets, I will let Affiliate Silver Bullet host them for me this time.

Now, I am only waiting for the Pay Per Click tools that support told me they will be providing to all their members, and of course, it would be great to have some banners to promote the system as well.

2 responses to “Affiliate Silver Bullets for February”

  1. Willie Crawford says:

    Hi Jens,

    XFactor Traffic contains a lot of my materials, but it is not my product.

    I didn’t plan out the promotion but did understand that it stopped being offered at the $27 price.

    My materials, and that of several others is in the product.


  2. Jens says:

    Yes, the techniques are really useful.

    And in the long run, they all help me get more traffic.

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