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Affiliate Silver Bullet Will Soon Be Free

I have just received the news from Dustin Struckman, the owner of Affiliate Siliver Bullet. From June1 st, Affiliate Silver Bullet will be completely free to join. Today, and every month since I joined, we have had to pay $37 a month to be a member.

No More Monthly Fees!

The reason why Affiliate Silver Bullet is going to be completely free is:

It’s taking me longer to get all of you making money than I expected and I don’t want you to keep paying monthly fees in the mean time. The system is working and people are already making money . . . but there are A LOT of you and it’s going to take me a little longer to get you all in profit.

I like what I am reading, and I am looking forward to see yet another new version of Affiliate Silver Bullet.

For me personally, the newest version did not work at all. The original version was by far the best one, and the reason why I joined.

But what will happen next, and when will it happen?

So, I’m not going to charge you any more monthly fees until I’ve made you a profit on what you’ve already paid. This way I can take the time to build this business correctly, which means:

   1. Developing quality leads through long-term success strategies
2. Building the foundation of a relationship with these leads (content, content, and content)
3. Effectively selling to them through more content and pre-selling techniques

Each one of these steps takes time and cannot be rushed, so I don’t want to rush them. So now I can take more time to do things correctly and you don’t have to worry about it because you won’t be paying monthly fees.

Of course, I’m working as quickly as I can, but again, there are a lot of you and it’s going to take a little while for me to get you all in profit…

I guess this means that sometime in the future, we will be charged a monthly fee, but only when Dustin Struckman and his team has helped “all” his members to profit.

Hopefully this won’t take too long, and hopefully the new membership fee won’t be more than the $37.

Anyways, I am looking forward to the change and I really hope that we’ll get access to more bullets.

Currently, Affiliate Silver Bullet are not accepting any new members, but if you want to get notified when they relaunch, you should sign up at

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