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Affiliate Silver Bullet is not all automated

I have been a member at Affiliate Silver Bullet for a little more than two weeks now. I am still very interested in what they have to offer, and I really like the system. To understand why, you should probably read my other posts about; Affiliate Silver Bullet – I just have to test it, Affiliate Silver Bullet Day 1, Affiliate Silver Bullet Day 2, Free test drive at Affiliate Silver Bullet and Affiliate Silver Bullet hosting.

Close to everything about the system is fully automated, you only need to drive traffic to the landing pages. But one thing that I would like to be automated is information about commission.

Don’t get me wrong. I receive instant fully automated messages when someone signs up for Affiliate Silver Bullet and I have earned commission from the sales. But when someone first signs up and then decides to cancel, I will not receive any commission and I did not receive any information.

I had to contact support and ask why I suddenly had less commission than the day before.

It’s a fact that people signs up for a lot of programs and then decides to cancel their accounts and ask for a refund. Nothing is wrong with that. I would just want an automated message when this happens.

Another interesting fact. People do get refunds at Affiliate Silver Bullet, it took the guy less than 24 hours to get his money back.

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  1. Kym Huynh says:

    Love the story 🙂 Old school romance heck yeah!!

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