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Affiliate Silver Bullet Hosting

As I wrote in an earlier post, Affiliate Silver Bullet was launched on January 2 and it’s only been a little more than two weeks. So far, I think this system really got potential to become something huge.

You can read my other posts about my experience with Affiliate Silver Bullet so far:

Since I started testing Affiliate Silver Bullet (about a week ago), I have sent several e-mails to support in order to suggest new features and to solve my unzip problem. The problem was solved in about 24 hours, and some of the new features that I have requested are being implemented.

The most interesting feature is to be able to see the statistics on how many people signs up for the free test drive and for the various landing pages. I received an e-mail from Dustin Struckman (the owner) about this yesterday, but I am not sure when it will be implemented (he wrote that we will get it sometime soon).

One feature that all members received two days ago, is also a very important one. Now, we don’t have to host the bullets (the landing pages) on our own servers. We can still host them if we like, and we can use AWeber to follow up with all the people who signs up, or Affiliate Silver Bullet will do everything for us. We just promote the links to the landing pages and everything else is fully automated.

And finally, we have received new (additional) urls to the landing pages of all the bullets (ClickBank affiliate programs), and that’s because we need a specific url for Google AdWords campaigns. The new urls we have received are all compatible with the Google AdWords system and we won’t get a penalty by Google if we use them.

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