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Affiliate Silver Bullet and their Support

I just had to write this post, and I must say that I waited as long as I could, I didn’t really want to write it. But I guess that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

The reason I didn’t want to write it, is that Affiliate Silver Bullet has been such a great system from day 1 since I joined it. I have had no complaints what so ever, I have been excited about how powerful the system seems to be, and nothing has changed that. Not even today.

… but there is one thing that I am not that satisfied with, and that’s the support.

It might be my own fault, because I have been sending them many questions already. Most the questions have been regarding new features and not about things that they would have to fix. I have always received an answer within 24 hours, everything has been great (actually more than great).

Until now.

I sent two questions to support at Affiliate Silver Bullet and I haven’t received an answer for either of them. The first one was at the 5th of February and the second one was sent at the 7th of February. They used to answer my questions in less than 24 hours, now it’s been a week. I am not sure what’s happening, but hopefully they have some explanation why they haven’t answered.

I am really looking for feedback on their support, because their system has been awesome so far, and when their support fails, I believe that their whole system fails.

I will try another attempt at contacting them, and I will keep you updated.

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