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Affiliate Mistakes

Today I received an e-mail from a rather unknown marketer (at least unknown to me). He sent me an e-mail offer where he spilled his guts about this brand new “perfect” business opportunity in pre-launch. If I want to become a millionaire online without doing any work at all, then this was the opportunity for me. I am not going to tell you the link here, because I have seen it everywhere and it doesn´t look as appealing as you might think.

What was interesting about this particular e-mail he sent me, I get them every single day, but this one was a little different. At the end of the e-mail, after he told me that this was brand new and the perfect business and all, he ended the e-mail with the words:

Make 2006 a profitable year!

Well, I bet that this ending of his salesletter might get him in trouble. Not sure if that many people will sign up, because it´s a little late to start working hard and make 2006 a profitable year (hopefully it has already been profitable for you).

Never rush an e-mail to your list, it can be some of the worst errors you will ever make. Just a few mistakes can cost you a lot of sales, even though I don´t think he would have received many signups from this campaign without the mistakes. My advice is take your time and read it several times before you send it.

I have received many e-mails where the affiliate actually forgot to put his or her affiliate link as well (probably the worst mistake). So be aware of what you send to your list, somebody like myself might write about it 🙂

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