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Affiliate Funnel has just launched

I am sitting here and going through my e-mail and it strikes me that I missed the first hours of Jon Olson´s new program. If you don´t know who he is, he is rather famous in the Traffic Exchange industry, he owns both I Love Hits and SWAT Traffic (both are really great). When I read the first e-mail with information about Affiliate Funnel, I thought “what is that guy up to now?” Because everytime he is up to something, it turns out to be something very interesting.

It seems that this time is no difference. Affiliate Funnel is a new way of promoting your business online. Together with Mike Paetzold (Word Press Made Easy) and John Merrick (Hits Connect) Jon has made (or I should probably say – all three of them has made) a new way of building downlines. What they have done is made a way for us to build a downline to your own programs instead of promoting just what the owners tell you to promote.

Affiliate Funnel is too new to me, so I don´t really know how you can customize it and how you can only promote what you want to promote to your downline or if you have to promote something for your upline as well. There are three member options, the free one is of course free, there is a silver one that will cost you $5.97 a month and the gold one will cost you $9.97 a month.

I have just joined and will explore it more from now on, it seems to be very interesting and I am sure it is. These three guys knows what they are doing and wouldn´t want to risk their good reputations by launching a product not worth joining. So I have joined and might upgrade in a few minutes if it looks as good as I think it does.

Visit Affiliate Funnel.

2 responses to “Affiliate Funnel has just launched”

  1. Matt Keegan says:

    Thank you for your detailed information about Text Link Ads. I have been thinking about signing up with them too, but if it is that difficult for people to find your site, then I would question their successfulness.

    I recently listed one link for sale with iWebTool but there hasn’t been much traffic yet. Digital Point has been successful for me in the past, particularly in December as everyone was anticipating the next Google PR update.

  2. Jens says:

    Even though I think that it´s hard to become visible at Text Link Ads, I must say that I am very satisfied with their service.

    So, you should think about trying Text Link Ads. I am not earning a lot, but I still get a few dollars a month.

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