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Affiliate Elite – It`s that time of the month again

It`s the buzz, yes, it`s that time of the month again. I have been receiving e-mails all day from both famous and not so famous Internet marketers. They are all promoting the same new piece of software, it`s time for Affiliate Elite, the brand new software from Brad Callen.

I have watched the videos and I have been aware of Affiliate Elite for about a month, but I didn`t expect to receive as many emails about it as I did today. But I guess it`s that time of the month again.

I am saying this because it seems to be once every month, that some awesome new program is being released and almost every well-known Internet marketer will start promoting it. Nothing negative about that, but it`s just an interesting thing that I have noticed…

After reviewing all the offers I have been sent, I think that the one from Michael Rasmussen might be the most interesting one. If you buy Affiliate Elite from him you will get some interesting bonuses. But you need to hurry, only 16 bonuses available as I am writing this.

Visit Affiliate Elite (without any bonuses)

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