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Adwords problems solved?

Well, I thought I solved the problems a few days ago, but then out of the blue I received a new e-mail with the text dissaproved ad. Now it`s been two days with this new improved ad, and I have heard nothing from Google. This is a really good sign. Usually when my ad was dissaproved, I received the news within 48 hours.

I have done two things with the ad. First I removed MSN, AOL, Yahoo and ICQ from it. I don`t know why, but it seems that they have a rule against using names of other companies/services in the ad. All I wrote was that the Imvite messenger has MSN, AOL, Yahoo and ICQ integrated. “It`s an all in one messenger.”

Then I changed the visible url to be the same as the url where visitors will be sent when clicking on the ad. The url I now use is

That was it, and hopefully that`s all I have to do.

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