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The Adwords Manifesto Review

I have just finished reading The Adwords Manifesto, and I thought I’d provide you with an honest review. I received access to it during the weekend, and I was really eager to finish it in a day or two. But, it was way more complex and too many pages, and my weekend was way more busy than I thought it would be. So, the reading and the writing, took me a few extra days.

The Reason
The reason I wanted access to The Adwords Manifesto, was because of my work as a marketer for a college in Norway. Google Adwords is becoming a big part of how colleges and universities are trying to grab attention and attract new students. A lot of our competitors were using Google AdWords during 2008, and even more of them are using it this year.

I have tried Google Adwords as an affiliate marketer a while ago. The campaign was miserable and I failed bigtime. I paid a lot for every click, and I ended up with very few sales. I am also testing a Google Adwords campaign at the moment, this is for my Blogging Product Reviews. You guessed it, I am also doing a fairly lousy job at this campaign as well.

To be honest with you, I have always sucked when it comes to Google AdWords.

The content of The Adwords Manifesto
When you buy The Adwords Manifesto, you get access to an ebook (in pdf-format) with 162 pages of tips related to Google Adwords. If you become a platinum member, you will also get access to two Internet marketing video courses. The first course is Lightning Fast PPC Profits and includes 19 videos. The other Internet marketing course is The Fusion Reaction Forum Traffic and it includes 8 videos.

I am a platinum member, but I have only watched the first video of Lightning Fast PPC Profits. All I can say is that this video was of really high quality and that I am really looking forward to view them all.

Confessions of an Adwords Secret Agent
One of the subtitles of the book is “Play the Adwords Game and Win!”. After reading 162 pages of interesting tips, I feel that I understand what the game is all about, and that I can master it, but only if I am willing to spend time and money to do so.

Let me quote a very interesting passage from page 73.

“Be prepared to pay between $75 and $150 initially. If you do not have the money to spend, don’t get involved. Because when you put in say $200 and don’t get results, you are blowing that money and wasting it. Count the cost before you get involved in any Adwords campaign. As any businessman will tell you, PPC is all about the money. The more you have to spend, the better your ad will show and the more traffic you will get.”

When I created my previous campaigns, I thought that I could buy clicks for next to nothing, and that I would spend $20 on a campaign and earn a massive amount of money. Well, I have learned my lesson the hard way. I have experienced only loss when it comes to my Google Adwords campaigns, but I have only lost a few hundred dollars. No big deal, the only problem was that I didn’t learn anything from losing the money, only that I shouldn’t copy my previous campaigns.

Reading this book made me realize how complex “The Google Adwords Game” really is. If you are looking for a quick set and forget system, you will only end up wasting your money if you are going to try AdWords without having any background knowledge.

The contents
I am not sure if it’s possible to write a more detailed ebook about Google AdWords. The Adwords Manifesto is packed with tips and tricks. The table of contents reveals a lot:

Chapter 1 – Keyword research – getting ready for your campaign
Chapter 2 – Building your campaign
Chapter 3 – Creating quality landing pages
Chapter 4 – Writing effective search ads – the rules have changed
Chapter 5 – Bidding basics – what to do when a campaign isn’t working
Chapter 6 – Dealing with low ctr – how to tweak your ad
Chapter 7 – Campaign pruning
Chapter 8 – The content network – placement ads
Chapter 9 – Campaign optimization – tweaking your campaign
Chapter 10 – Banner ad creation – banner ads that work
Chapter 11 – How to make the sale – creating sales copy that work
Chapter 12 – Setting up your system – steps and elements involved
Chapter 13 – Adwords editor – managing your campaign online
Chapter 14 – Alternative ads – moving beyond ppc

I have learned a lot from reading it, and I will most likely use it to look up certain techniques if I am going to use Google AdWords in the future. The book was fairly easy to read and understand, but in order to use it when it comes to creating a successful AdWords campaign, I’d need to read each chapter (at least) one more time.

A few tips
I had never heard about, or read about the Google Adwords editor before reading The Adwords Manifesto. This editor is built solely for you to keep track of your campaigns and in order for you to optimize them. You can do it offline on your computer.

It looks really powerful and it’s completely free. You can download it at

I have never thought about starting my Adwords campaign with keyword research, even before creating the landing page. I have always created the landing page first, then I’d be writing an advertisement, and finally, I would be looking for some relevant keywords. According to the book, it’s the other way around.

The book is packed with real examples of campaigns, and I find it easier to learn from examples.

I didn’t know that I should create a different ad group and ad for each of my top 5 keyword phrases. When creating an advertisement, relevance is what it’s all about.

I have never realized that by using Google Adwords you can also make ads visible on TV, Radio or on print ads.

The Problem with The Adwords Manifesto
As I stated at the beginning of this blog post; I am looking for a way to attract more students to the college where I work in Norway. I find that The Adwords Manifesto is more or less exclusively for people trying to earn money from selling various products or services on the Internet. It’s not really that much help for people with a different agenda.

Should you buy it?
Yes, it’s a really masterpiece. If you are going to read only one book about Google AdWords this year, then, I recommend that you read The Adwords Manifesto.

Take a closer look at the official website of The Adwords Manifesto.

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