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Advertising on Receipts or Tickets

Yesterday, I watched James Bond, Quantum of Solace and the new Nicolas Cage movie, Bangkok Dangerous at a movie theatre. I really enjoyed Quantum of Solace, Bangkok Dangerous was ok, but as I got back home and emptied my pockets, I found the receipts.

At the back of the receipts they had advertisements.


You see the front of the receipts to the left, and the back of the receipts to the right.

I remember one time when I visited the US, I think it was about 10 years ago at Santa Clara. A friend of mine and me rented a movie at a video store, at the back of the receipt we saw an offer for a free Big Mac at McDonald’s and I think it was a cheap car wash as well.

This advertisement in the US about 10 years ago seemed to be a big success, because my friend, who is an american, did know about it, and that was why he always rented the movies at this one place. He knew that he would get a free Big Mac.

My question is really this; why aren’t more businesses doing this?

Think about it, every time you get a receipt at the hair dresser, you’d get a free shampoo. You can get related companies to sponsor.

If you buy a dvd at a dvd store, at the back of the receipt, you can get an offer from another company selling TV’s and DVD players.

You can also use the back of the receipts to advertise for your own company. You already know that the person with the receipt have bought something from you. Show them your appreciation, by giving them 50% of something, or even a free product in your store.

I am not sure, because it’s a long time since I have been in the US, but my guess is that this is fairly common… but not in Norway, at least not yet.

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  1. Alex Ebarvia says:

    Great work Jens!

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