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Advertising and Earning Money with Croc-Ads

I received information about this new business and advertising opportunity yesterday. You can earn money by referring other people to it, and you can advertise your business.

So far, I am not sure what I think about it. I haven`t tested it myself, I have just been looking at the site, reading about their offer.

You can get a free membership (croc hunter) or a paid membership (croc wrestler).

You might want to try the free opportunity at Croc-Ads. Please send me your comments if you have tried it.

2 responses to “Advertising and Earning Money with Croc-Ads”

  1. Blaine Moore says:

    Well, I never went to see that movie because the second one made me motion sick (and I have an iron stomach) and I figure this will be more of the same. I’ll wait to rent it where the motion sickness won’t be (quite) as bad.

    As for why they have the specific previews that they do, those are the movies that are being released by the studio that produced the movie you are there to see.

    The problem with an adsense/adwords style of previews is that the movie could be promoting its competitors.

    I know I know, that isn’t really a problem from the standpoint of the audience, but we are talking about an entertainment industry that will sue its own customers to make up for flagging sales.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Blaine,

    Yes, I agree with you. I didn`t think about the competition. My only thought when I was watching the trailers was how could they get me to watch more movies and earn more money from me.

    But I guess it`s not as easy as I first thought 🙂

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