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Is AdSpy Pro A Pay Per Click Radar?

Today I have received many e-mails regarding the new pay per click (PPC) software called AdSpy Pro. Many well-known marketers are affiliates and have sent offers to their lists. Just by receiving many offers for the same software makes me a little extra curious, especially when so called gurus are promoting it. I am thinking that there have to be something special about this software, because they don´t want to recommend something crappy and destroy their reputation.

So, what is AdSpy Pro really?

To me it seems to be a software where you can spy on your competition, like what sort of pay per click campaigns they are running, what kind of keywords they are using, how much they are paying per click and so on. Well, you won´t get their name and contact information (I think), but you can get a lot of information about how “successful” affiliates are running their campaigns.

According to the sales page:

I am not sure how they define a successful campaign, but it seems that they have thought about everything with this software. They have something called a “profit signal”, it seems that this means that if you get that signal behind a campaign that you are spying on, it means that this is a campaign that you should “copy”.

So, if you are into pay per click advertising, then this software might be something that you should try. I am not an affiliate and I haven´t tried it yet, not even sure if I am going to buy it. But I must say that it looks impressive from the sales page that I have just read.

Is AdSpy Pro a software program powerful enough to predict the winners and loser? Well, according to their sales page it is. Visit AdSpy Pro and see for yourself.

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