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AdSense Template for WordPress

I have never been a big fan of AdSense blogs, and that´s not because I have been banned from AdSense 🙂

The reason I am not a big fan, is that many blogs that I see seems to have more ads than content. Sometimes I actually have a problem to tell the difference between the adsense ads and content, that´s probably because that´s what they are trying to do. They want you to get confused and look at the adsense ads instead and of course they want you to click on their ads (that´s why they are there in the first place).

I am not going to make a long discussion about adsense or not adsense, it´s all about making money (at least for many). Why I was writing this post in the first place was because I just found an interesting new adsense template for wordpress, and it´s completely free to download. It looks good and you get your adsense ads all over the blog.

This is the place where you can look at it and/or download it.

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