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Adjust and repeat your work process

Sometimes you don’t have everything your customers are looking for. It might be minor details missing, but you know from the feedback you get, that you haven’t got exactly what your customers want. So, what do you do about it? You could just tell yourself to keep doing what you’re already doing, and that it’s good enough, or you could do whatever it takes to make your customers happy.

The process is fairly simple. The results are impressive.


Let’s say your a hotel manager in Greece. In fact, let’s say your a hotel manager on the island of Kos. That’s where I’ve been on my latest vacation, and I discovered a few things that reminded me of the importance of adjusting to the market.

One of the first thing we looked for in a hotel, you probably already guessed it, was a hotel that was close to the beach. We wanted to stay at a hotel with a swimming pool, but we also wanted to be on the beach. Now, not all hotels are close to the beach, that’s impossible. And, when you’re a hotel manager on Kos, you probably know that most of the tourists are looking for a hotel close to the beach – the weather is usally very hot and people like the ocean. So, what do you do, if your hotel is not located close to the beach?

You could create a fantastic environment at the hotel. You could create huge swimming pools, and focus on doing whatever you can so that your guests won’t think of the beach. Add waterslides, great food and drinks, and swimming pools and activities.

waterslides in Greece

Or, you could make it easy for your hotel guests to visit the beach. You could buy a car, and hire a driver, and tell all your hotel guests that it’s a free drive to the beach. You’ll offer a shuttle service from the hotel to the beach and from the beach to the hotel, from early morning to late at night. This way, you’ll adjust to the market and offer your customers what they want, even though you’re not located exactly where they want you to be.

shuttle service in Greece

Ask for feedback and evaluate

Sometimes it’s not as easy as it might look from my example with a hotel on an island in Greece, the “only” problem was that it wasn’t close to the beach. You might have a completely different service, and more complex challenges.

But, no matter what kind of business you’re involved in, you need to discover what your customers want. You need to adjust to the market, and provide “everything” your customers are looking for and then some. Always add something extra, just to make them smile and remember you.

You need to ask for feedback. Ask questions, before your customers arrive, during their stay, and after they leave. The only way to adjust is if you know what your customers really want. You need to ask the right questions at the right time. That’s why I’m saying that you need to ask them before they arrive, during their stay and after they leave. It all depends on your business, but you get my point.

Keep asking your customers, and always evaluate.

Repeat the process

The method is this; ask for feedback, adjust, evaluate. Repeat the process; continue to ask for feedback (don’t be annoying), adjust and continue to evaluate.

8 responses to “Adjust and repeat your work process”

  1. Lisa Buben says:

    Hi Jens, very timely post as I just did a poll for my last post for my readers. I wanted to know what they want to see in the future as my blog is now over 3 years old. It’s interesting to see some of the comments and feedback I have received. I hope to be making some of the adjustments in the coming weeks. Love the pics of Greece Jens. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes, I remember your post. Great way to do it.

      I probably should do something like that myself. I usually just write about what’s on my mind.

      Thanks a lot for your feedback Lisa, and I’ll add more pictures from Greece fairly soon.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Les Wallack says:

    Thanks Jens…
    A perfect post at a perfect time! I was wondering how to address my current situation where I am attempting a List Clean-up at the same time that I’m re-starting with a different “Auto-Responder” service. I will apply some of the techniques you touched upon in your blog-post in the design of my new Opt-In e-mail. Obviously I will have to do some modifications to go from a Hotel on an island in Paradise to a plea for clients, customers and friends to Opt-In to my blog. I am attempting to do some major improvements to my site, my contents and my organization skills SO I am now open to any comments and critique that I can get!!

    Thanks for helping me to begin my thought process!

    • Hi Les,

      That’s a very interesting project. I believe we should ask our readers more questions and do our best to get feedback, and adjust to the market.

      Let me know how things are working out for you.

  3. Josh says:

    Solid advice. Sometimes I think businesses forget how easy it is to ask customers for their feedback. Ask them how you are doing, what they would like to see and then do what you can to make those things happens. Some suggestions may not be possible or smart but your customers will help you see around the blind spots and that is critical.

  4. Excellent advice, Jens. You’re right, we all would like to have the best possible situation when we’re doing business but sometimes that isn’t possible. Great thinking to make the most of what you do have to appeal to customers.

    I really like how you’re thinking of these issues even while on holiday, Jens!

    • Thanks Carolyn. I wasn’t online during my 14 days in Greece, but when I got back home, I started to think about what I had experienced and I’m writing several more blog posts soon.

      One of the reasons I started to think about it, is that when we decided to book the hotel, our kids didn’t want to swim in the ocean, they told us that they only wanted to be by the swimming pool. But, when we arrived, they had changed their minds 🙂

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