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Added CBPlugin

A few minutes ago I decided to buy [tag]CBPlugin[/tag], I have been looking at it for a long time. Thinking and thinking, and I just couldn´t decide if I should buy it or not. I also looked at [tag]CBMall[/tag] and [tag]1stpromotion[/tag], three hot products.

I am not sure why I bought CBPlugin and not one of the other two. It might be that I have bougth another product from the owner of CBPlugin, Mark Idzik, a while ago. I was really happy back then,
and I kind of felt that I could trust him.

I have only used about 5 minutes and I have installed the plugin to my site.
It looks like everything is working great so far. Now it´s just to relax and see what happens.

CBPlugin will add top selling products from [tag]ClickBank[/tag] to your site. All products will have your ClickBank id on them, and you will earn commissions if somebody will buy one of the products. Your id is encrypted, so it shouldn´t be easy to steal your commissions.

Click here for more information about CBPlugin

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