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Add sound to your marketing

This is the story about a train.

train skagen - add sound

Sometimes, it’s not enough to be present. Sometimes, it’s not enough to be there when people are standing next to you. They might even look at you, without thinking that you’re actually there waiting for them to talk to you.

A smile is always helpful. If you smile, people will get a good feeling. We like to be around people who are smiling. But, a smile might not be enough to get people to notice you.

Sometimes, you need the sound of marketing. If you add a tiny sound, things might start to change.

Yesterday, I was out walking in the small town of Skagen in Denmark. As I was walking, I noticed a small train outside a shop. I stopped to see what my kids would do. I looked at it, thinking that I hadn’t seen many outside shops in Norway. It was interesting to see my kids walking past it without noticing. But, just as they walked past it, and I thought they’d just keep walking, they heard a choo choo sound from the train. It made them stop, turn around, and a second later, they were climbing all over the train.

Sometimes. Adding a sound might make all the difference.

One response to “Add sound to your marketing”

  1. Tinu says:

    The more senses you can involve, the better. But the smell and sound of things are often forgotten in marketing. On the one hand we do podcasts. On the other hand, we forget the types of sound snippets you’re talking about.

    Some people love that sound the computer makes when it’s freshly rebooted. Or ice settling in a cocktail glass. It illicit memory and you’re right, can evoke action.

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