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Adbrite vs AdEngage

I have used Adbrite (now, SiteScout) both to show ads (and earn money) on my site and to advertise my business. The results were ok, now I am wondering if I should try them again, or if I should try another interesting similar service called AdEngange.

I am not sure which one is the best, but I found some very interesting sites that uses AdEngage, and it didn´t cost that much for a 1-week text link.

…but I am a little unsure of both Adbrite and AdEngage, because I looked at some of the sites that I could pay to show my ads, and at some of them I couldn´t find any ads from eithe Adbrite or AdEngage. How updated are their directories? It seems that you should really look careful at the sites that you are considering before you order any space for your ad.

I guess that if you order a space for your ad and the site isn´t showing ads from either one anymore, you would probably not have to pay any money for your campaign.

5 responses to “Adbrite vs AdEngage”

  1. Charles says:

    There is no need to wait for a pre-launch or shell out your hard earned cash to learn this system.

    I am teaching it for free at my website.

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  2. Wendy says:

    Tagging goes beyond just Technorati these days. I’m not sure what the overpriced ebook will cover, but I’ve been using tagging at social bookmarking sites like Blinklist, Furl and for a while with pretty good results.

    I first blogged about tagging for traffic back in February, and back then I thought that everybody was already neck deep in it. Certainly the porn and gambling sites have been on top of that scene for quite a while.

    But, wherever there’s a buck or two to be made, someone will write a hype-filled sales letter for an overpriced ebook. It’s inevitable.

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