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AA Turbo 100% spam?

It has been several months since I signed up with a company that was going to sell and promote something unique to the world. I actually signed up before I knew what it was, I didn´t pay anything to sign up for the notification list and when I received information about the product and thought about it, and I decided that I wasn´t interested.

The product was interesting, but I didn´t think that I could sell it (or at least earn money from selling it). The product was a new kind of battery charger for mobile phones and the company was called AA Turbo Charged Marketing. So, what did I do? I clicked the unsubscribe link in the email they were sending me about once a week. And I thought that this would be the last email from them, but no…

I have clicked on so many unsubscribe links from this company, and I am still receiving their information and not only once a week. It seems that they have started to promote other products as well, and I am still on their optin list. I have not reported them yet, but I am about to lose my patience.

Is this company legit or are they 100% spam? I agree that I joined their optin list, but if they can be trusted their unsubscribe information should be trusted as well. I don´t remember how many times that I have since the message “you have successfully been removed from our lists”.

This is the link to their site: Do you know anything about them?

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