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A Blog Post Is Haunting Me

It’s been two years, and I haven’t even noticed it among all the other blog posts. I don’t even remember writing it. Some blog posts are just that, thoughts written just because I had an urge. I probably had an immediate urge to say it, and I wanted to let you know what was on my mind at that particular moment.

Just like now.

Two years later, as I’m writing this, the blog post I didn’t even remember, is haunting me. It’s persistently in my mind, at least for the moment.

The reason is that it has received a few comments. Comments that deserves attention.

The blog post is called Stop Using WTPowers, and I wrote it because I wanted to highlight why I had stopped using their service. Remember, it was written about two years ago.

The problem is that when you search google for WTPowers, my blog post shows up at number three. This means that if a person is interested in WTPowers she might find my blog post saying that she shouldn’t use it (at least that’s what my title is saying).

The comments

A short while ago, more than two years after writing this blog post, I was contacted by a person from support at WTPowers. Obviously, she wanted to do something about this blog post. It also received another comment, just a few weeks after, from a complete stranger (you can read the comments – I have provided a link below).

What now?

I haven’t written a review about WTPowers, even if I had, it was more than two years ago. This blog post has no real value today, or? Actually I’m not sure. When it shows up as number three on google, people will find it, and it drives traffic to my blog (but not a lot).

What I’m thinking is that I should either delete the blog post, or I should edit it. If I delete it, the problem is solved. But then, I should probably go looking for other blog posts to delete. Or maybe wait for comments and then delete the blog posts. I have only deleted one blog post (and it was because what I had written was actually not true – I thought it was, but it wasn’t.)

If I edit the blog post, I could write a few sentences about what happened and say that I have no clue what WTPowers is like today. This way they wouldn’t get a bad reputation because of me. I could even edit the title, instead of saying “Stop Using WTPowers” it would say something like “Why I Stopped Using WTPowers”, because that’s more like the truth.

Here’s the blog post that’s haunting me.

What do you think?

update: I decided to delete the blog post. I have received a lot of emails and negative comments on the blog post. And I really don’t want to spend any more time regarding this issue. It’s a lot easier to delete it, and I don’t have any strong feelings when it comes to the company and their services or the blog post.

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