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9 Ways to Use Google + to Boost Your Business

This is a guest post by Lucy Harper.


Most small-business owners have got on the bandwagon, as far as social media marketing goes. Widespread use of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have made those who’re a little social media savvy feel comfortable enough to venture into the internet marketing scene. But the rapidly rising popularity of Google + is leading small-business people everywhere to realize there’s yet another bandwagon to climb onto.

Although it’s not possible or prudent to include every social media venue in a marketing plan, Google + is not one you want to overlook. This venue can help build your reputation and credibility, promote brand recognition and help you connect with potential customers all around the world. Not convinced yet? Here are nine ways Google + can help you boost your business.

1. Get Your Name Out There

Link to your Google + profile any time you publish a blog post or add web content. When followers click on the link, they’ll be led to your profile and be able to learn more about you, helping you gain invaluable exposure.

2. Build Brand Recognition

Your Google + account can have an image attached to the profile. It’s smart to use a professional photo or your business logo to build brand recognition and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Use the same image as you do on other social media venues to maintain brand consistency.

3. Unlimited Connection Possibilities

Most social media venues only allow you to connect with people that are already following you or those whom you follow. Google + takes it one step further by allowing and encouraging you to share posts and information with the public as well as your Google + circles.

4. Establish Credibility Efficiently

Credibility is important in business, whether you’re just starting out or have been around for a while. Similar to LinkedIn, Google + helps promote business credibility without the time commitment. Instead of having to provide an overwhelming amount of information to get your account up and running, you can start with the basics and build your Google + profile over time. Posting on Google + from your blog or other social media accounts will help you to be viewed as an expert in your field while you continue to build your profile.

5. Rise in Google Searches

Having your business connected to Google + will help you show up more readily in Google searches. Be mindful of the keywords you use in your profile and posts to attract consumers and other business people who would most likely be interested in your goods and services.

6. Grow Your Network

Google + keeps the “social” in social media by encouraging you to connect with as many people as possible through circles. Ready-made circles include Family, Friends, Acquaintances and Followers. You can also create your own circle categories that are more streamlined with your business needs, such as Customers, Work or Business.

7. Connect with Other Venues

With so many other things to do to keep your business up and running, your social media venues should work efficiently by helping you do the work. Share posts and updates made on Google + on other social media venues. If video content is part of your overall marketing plan, you can easily share from Google + to YouTube.

8. Direct Blog Promotion

A business blog helps you establish yourself in your chosen field, which will help attract consumers to your business. If you blog through Google on Blogger, you can automatically share your newly published blog posts to your Google + profile for maximum exposure.

9. A Venue that Grows with You

Growth and expansion pave the way toward greater success in your business. As your company grows, your Google + profile can grow with you. Some venues limit the number of followers you can have, thereby limiting your reach to potential customers. A venue that has the potential to grow with you can become an important part in boosting your business.

Consistency Counts

Similar to any other type of social media marketing, you must utilize Google + with consistency for it to be effective. Aim for three times per week as a minimum, using those times to post, share from your blog and connect with other Google + users. Whenever you share, always include the public to attract additional connections.

When it comes to the internet, Google is a powerful force that can help propel you forward. Instead of adding to the burden of social media marketing, it makes it more efficient by working in conjunction with the rest of your plan. The use of Google + is a cost-effective way to boost your small business. Creating a basic profile is something you can do in minutes and add to during each subsequent marketing session. Over time, cumulative efforts on this social media venue will bring about cumulative results.

Author Bio:

Lucy Harper works for, a specialist media and advertising agency.

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