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7 Secrets behind Successful Online Marketing

This is a guest post by Sophie Samuel.

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In order to succeed in their business, many investors have perfected the art of online marketing. However, even though online marketing is important, you might fail miserably if effective techniques are not employed.

Here are the 7 secrets behind successful online marketing to take your business to new heights and bring in increased profits.

Guarantee your products and services

Offering guarantees can make consumers comfortable with the purchase, since they know that what you offer is genuine. A 100% guarantee of satisfaction or a money back assurance can be great in attracting clients, as it eases the risks associated with the purchases for the customer. Make sure that your guarantee is better than those offered by competitors.

Have unique offers

In order to be a step ahead of others, it is important to have unique offers. Customers won’t be interested in pursuing non- compelling or similar deals offered by competitors or hundred other companies in the market as there is nothing new to be discovered. However, providing something cost free, whether it is a free trial or free evaluation can attract potential customers.

An online portal is important

For online marketing of your products, it is important to create a website and online portal page. This allows clients to log in and see what is offered, where to leave questions and details for communication. Also ensure that such pages have incentives like offers and newsletter for the visitors.

List your website

When you are dealing with online marketing, it is important to list the site in major and known directories like Google or Yahoo. Make sure to list the primary site, even while a marketing page of your website root directory is being used off. When you promote your website in major directory listings, prospective customers can find you easily and simply.

Auto responders are necessary

In order to attract hundreds of clients in a day, company online relationship should be concentrated upon . This can be enhanced by using automatic e-mails in auto responder versions. The created auto responders allow clients to get personalised mails directly from the seller detailing what is new in the market.

Building trust and customer testimonials

Building reputation and trust is essential to influence the purchase decision of consumers in your favour. Consumers should be able to buy from you without worrying about the security of their personal details, credit card details and so on. Reliability icons like Trust-e, BBB online and VeriSign can be displayed to develop trust among the clients.

Customer testimonials can prove to be an influential way of selling any product or service. Word of mouth is very significant for prospects to make their buying decision, as such when they hear about your service or product from someone who has already bought it, they develop trust and are comfortable with your offer. Testimonials can be solicited after every purchase is made and those that prove to be convincing should be used to entice potential customers.

Employ techniques for traffic generation

When you want to succeed in internet marketing, you have to use several methods to attract traffic to your site. There are many ways to increase traffic. This includes search engine optimization and AdWords. Affiliate marketing programs will also help in getting and directing traffic to your site.

An extremely potent and effective platform, online marketing is helpful in segmenting the prospective clients and deliver advertising as targeted. It is easy to measure the outcome and improve the marketing tactics for better results.

Local businesses can also benefit from online marketing, services of local directories can be utilised to list the site and business. Internet marketing is not confined to placing ads only, it is much more. It is a medium of communicating the value of business products and services to a large number of people in minimum time.

Author bio

Hi! I’m Sophie Samuel, a freelance writer from London, UK. I like to write on diverse topics like Finance, Banking, Lifestyle and so on. I’m also associated with various non-profit organisations helping people in the lower income group. We give them information about the various government benefits and provide them contacts like the working tax credits contact, so that they can contact the requisite child support offices to apply for the benefits.

5 responses to “7 Secrets behind Successful Online Marketing”

  1. Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Sophie and Jens.

    Your points make a lot of sense.

    I’m not always sure about auto-responders though. You need to be careful not to overdo it and also ensure your emails are evergreen otherwise you could end up being labelled as a spammer.

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks for sharing.I am totally agree from your point “Building trust and customer testimonials”. Before anyone will buy from you, your website or company needs to be seen as reputable. This means that consumers can purchase from you and not worry about the safety of their credit card information, personal information, or anything else being exchanged. A good method for developing trust is to purchase and display safety and reliability icons such as BBB Online, Trust-e, and VeriSign

  3. James says:

    Website listing and Auto response are 2 main points in Online Marketing that I knew before, Rest others are new and much valuable for me, A big thanks for updating knowledge and sharing amazing secrets for success of Online Marketing.

  4. Tony Young says:

    There is one more point but it is only for relative business. At this generation, everyone wants to know better about you. It is Generation ME. If you can get popular and people know you well on social media, you will be popular and successful easily.
    But this is very limited to certain business. Hope this help.

  5. sherpa says:

    Your points make a lot of sense.

    I’m not always sure about auto-responders though. You need to be careful not to overdo it and also ensure your emails are evergreen otherwise you could end up being labelled as a spammer.

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