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The 6 Skills of Great Copywriters

Many of the people I talk to have been thinking about learning more about copywriting, that’s because copywriting is a very important skill for online marketers. Many of the people I talk to say that they would like a career as a copywriter. But it’s not as easy as a lot of people think.

There are certain skills you need as a copywriter. Some of the skills can be taught, but I believe that you have to be born with some of the skills in order to become a great copywriter.

Let me give you a brief introduction to the 6 skills of great copywriters.

#1 Great communicator

A great copywriter has to be able to get the reader to want the product without losing their interest. This means the copy must be concise, but still descriptive and captivating. This takes someone who not only knows what people want and what draws them in, but also someone who can use that to their advantage.

#2 Persistence

A great copywriter won’t make tons of money right away. He has to work to establish himself. He’ll need to study copywriting/marketing to continue developing the skills.

#3 Discipline

Most copywriters are freelancers who work from home. While this is obviously sounds like an awesome thing to do, it can also be a huge, huge drawback. The copywriters will have flexible hours and the ability to do other things and spend more time with their families. They also have ten times the distractions and a lot more opportunity to slack off instead of getting their work done.

In addition to being in a distracting environment, copywriters are probably working on several projects at a time. A good copywriter can set priorities, goals, and a rigid schedule. And then (and here’s the hard part), sticking to them.

#4 Creative

Hundreds of new ads and sales letters are being written every day. Great copywriters will constantly come up with new original ideas to grab and keep their readers (and convince them to spend their money).

#5 Adaptability

What works today might not work tomorrow. Great copywriters have to keep studying the latest techniques and know what works and what doesn’t. This comes in part from experience and research, but at the same time, also comes from a basic sense of what appeals to people.

#6 Learn new things

A great copywriter not only has to be smart, they also have to be able to learn new things. They not only have to know how to attract and bring in readers, but they also have to be able to keep up with the hot products they’re promoting and the industries those products are in. This involves a lot of continued reading and research.

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