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The 6 Rules To Twitter Success

First, in order to guarantee your success on twitter, you should understand what twitter is all about. There are a lot of different people using twitter, actually, there are millions of people. According to Nielsen Wire, there were more than seven million people using twitter in February of 2009. 

Twitter has been the fastest growing membership community site the past months, but, no matter how many millions are using twitter, you should understand that most of the people you can find on Twitter want to meet other people. That’s why they are using Twitter.

Now, ask yourself, why are you using twitter?

A lot of people are using twitter in order to take their business to a different level. There have been written books and numerious articles and blogs about Twitter marketing and how to use Twitter to earn money, but in order to guarantee your success, I believe that you must follow certain rules.

Consider the following 6 rules to twitter success:

1. Visibility: Spend at least thirty minutes every day by posting tweets and responding to the tweets you receive. This is an excellent way of getting to know more people. You must first determine your Twitter routine though. Designate particular hours for tweeting everyday (I never spend the thirty minutes all at once, I use about 10 minutes three times a day). You must also follow a certain number of people every week and check which ones follow you back. Try to make direct replies. A good thing about Twitter is that you can reply from your mobile device (I use my iPhone). If you’re always seen and heard on Twitter, you’ll increase your visibility.

2. Profile: Make your profile page interesting and powerful. What does your profile say about you? Your personality? Your interests? Can your profile bring out the curiosity of others? An interesting and powerful profile makes other people think and smile. Once they see your profile, they are immediately moved and they want to get to know you better. A powerful profile can generate immediate reaction towards you (remember, your picture is part of your profile).


3. Twittering: Tell everyone about your life and your experience. When there are messages for you, try to answer them accordingly. When someone tweets you, thank him or her. Try to look at Twitter as a billboard where you’re free to post anything that you want others to know. By using it often and wisely, you can enhance your presence on Twitter.

4. Twitter Networking: You can make friends on Twitter, but you can also make business partners. Millions of people use the site everyday. Connect with your target market and befriend them. You must strive to build good relationships. When you have lots of friends already, you can now introduce your business. It will be easier to talk them into patronizing your business because they trust you. Always start by building friendship and trust.

5. Direct Messages: It’s easy to send direct messages at Twitter. At the list of direct messages, you’ll find the list of people who are always talking, connecting, and thinking about you. Read the messages and let the people know how much you appreciate them. You can even use the list as valuable leads.

6. Videos and photos: It’s very important to share videos and photos through Twitter. It establishes a more intimate relationship because others can get a glimpse of your life. It can also be used for exposure. Using my iPhone, I try to take pictures and share them on twitter whenever something cool and/or interesting is happening.

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