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50 free members in downline

Every active associate of Imvite have the opportunity to chose three people every month that can upgrade to an associate for free. That is, they can try Imvite as an associate for 30-days for free. They will earn commission like all paid associates, everything will be exactly as if they would have paid for the upgrade. If they are not satisfied with the business after thirty days, they can quit and would not have to pay anything at all.

Today I decided that my three free upgrades for the month of August (sorry, but I think the spots are already filled) will receive 50 free members in each of their downlines from me. This is a way to help them get a flying start in their new business. I believe that helping your downline be successful is the most important way to be successful yourself. If you have a successful downline, you will become successful yourself.

If you haven`t joined Imvite yet, you can join here. Maybe you will be one of the lucky people in September.

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