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5 Ways To Attract Incoming Links

You should be working at attracting incoming links to your website, because it’s the easiest way to get to the top of the search engines.

You probably already understand that all the search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing are using different algorithm, trying to find out how they really work is a difficult task, and a task you really shouldn’t be doing. It would be a waste of your time.

What you should know is that all search engines have one thing in common. That one thing is links. Your website will rank higher the more high quality sites that are linking to your website. So, you should be spending time attracting quality links to your website. The more quality links you get, the higher you’ll be ranked, but people also follow links from quality websites.

Quality incoming links equals a lot of traffic.

Now, there are many ways to attract links, here are five ways that you should consider.

Blogging and Microblogging

Use blogs to promote your business. Write posts that are related to your business and link to your sales pages. If your blog is of high quality, the link you provide will be of high quality. You should also be visiting other high quality blogs and make comments, if you do, you’ll get a quality link back to your website.

Microblogging, like Twitter, Tumblr, Yammer, Qaiku, and Plurk will get traffic directly to your site and it might even help you rank higher in the search engines.

Online directories

You should also consider adding your website to various online directories. The directories are divided up by type of website in order for people to be able to find what they are looking for fast and easy. The big and useful online directories that just publish any website, to be included your website need to be of high quality. Therefore, many directories can provide high quality links to your website. Check out this list of the top web directories.

Social bookmarking

A lot of people are using social bookmarking sites to save their bookmarks online and then share them with pretty much anyone. You can also use this to post links to your website. Plus, if other people see your posts, they might just go and recommend your site to someone else. There are to consider, I’ve written a blog post about the top social bookmarking sites.

Article directories

Another awesome way to get quality incoming links to your website is by writing articles and publishing them to article directories. They are full of articles, and the articles are free to copy and use. What you do is put a link back to your website in the author resource box (at the bottom of the article). You’ll get links from the article directory and from the websites that have added your article. Check out this list of the best article directories.

Press releases

When you’re releasing a new product, you should always write a press release. It doesn’t matter if you’re releasing an information product or a physical product. Be sure to write a press release, because they provide great links and usually a lot of traffic. Check out this list at Yahoo! of Press Release services.

7 responses to “5 Ways To Attract Incoming Links”

  1. Sergey Rusak says:

    I know another way, create simple tool or widget which people can copy and paste on their website. Include HTML link to this tool.

    Many people will remove HTML link, but many unexperienced (especially bloggers) will keep this link.

  2. Jens says:

    That sounds great. Do you have an example, a site I can look at?

  3. Sergey Rusak says:

    WordPress plugins for example. Many of them contain link when you activite them, with option to remove it through admin panel.

  4. Alicia says:

    Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and Hubpages are also good sources of incoming links. It works like article submission but in this site, you need to upload pictures and videos.

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