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5 Successful Ways To Get Traffic From Twitter

You should really be building relationships using Twitter, if you do, it will improve website traffic. Making new friends is quite easy with social media and that goes for Twitter as well. But increasing the traffic to your website is different, it’s not as straight forward as you might think (follow me on Twitter for more Internet marketing tips).

Here are 5 successful ways to get traffic from Twitter:

1. Profile Page

You should provide a link to your website in your profile page. A lot of people are looking at the profile pages at Twitter, therefore, you need to stand out from the crowd when it comes to your Twitter background, your profile picture, and your profile bio. If you do, people will click on your link and discover your website.

Sometimes adding a profile picture of a sexy woman might do the trick and this is no different when using Twitter (check out Roy Stroud, yes his name is Roy), other times, you just have to be interesting with words (check out the bio of Darren Rowse aka @problogger) or your background (check out the background of Paul Boag aka @boagworld, and you’ll understand what I’m getting at), or add an interesting profile picture (check out Alexandra Popovic aka @vipvirtualsols). What I am saying is, you need to be interesting.

2. Interaction

Interaction is very important, it might even be the most important part of Twitter (or any social media for that matter). If someone sends you a comment or a tweet, you must respond immediately. Building conversations is one way to make friends. If you have lots of followers, don’t ignore them; try to send them comments. If people trust you, if they find you interesting, they will visit your website.

Again, you need to be interesting.

3. Twitter username

Your username should be related to your website. If it is, when people see your tweets, they think of your website. As an example, Darren Rowse of is using problogger as his twitter username. When I read his tweets, I think of his blog and it reminds me that I should be visiting it and read some of his new posts.

You could be using your own name as your username at Twitter, that’s if you are building a brand around your name. Whenever I see tweets from Guy Kawasaki, I already know about his websites, and one of his websites are That’s because his name is his brand.

People should think about visiting your website when they see your username at Twitter.

4. Target Followers

Find people who have the same interests as you. If your tweets are related to your website, people will find you (many people search for certain topics at Twitter), and if your profile page states your interest (such as hobbies and your work, be sure to use the right keywords), people will visit your website and read what you are all about.

On the other hand, you should find targeted followers. Use your main keywords (like for your hobbies, work, interests) to find people who are tweeting about what you are interested in. You can use tools like Twollow, Hummingbird or Tweet Adder to get your targeted followers (you find the people you’d like to follow, and most of them will follow you back).

5. Display your RSS feeds on Twitter

When you have published a new article on your blog, you should really refer to this article on Twitter. You could either tweet about it, like mention that you have written an article, or you could do it 100% automatic.

If you tweet about your article and put a link to it in your tweet, you’ll get traffic. If you have a lot of followers, and especially if you have targeted followers (meaning that they are interested in what you are writing about), there are no reason why you won’t get extra traffic from Twitter. You just have to get the word out and a link.

You could automate the process, this way everything will be done for you. All you need to do is write and publish the article on your blog.

Services that will help you automate the process are TweetMyBlog, TweetLater and TwitterFeed.

10 responses to “5 Successful Ways To Get Traffic From Twitter”

  1. Dillon says:

    Automation of blog post tweets is anyone very helpful thing with Twitter in my opinion.

    • jens says:

      Hi Dillon,

      Yes, that’s true. The only problem is if you tweet too many of your own stuff without retweeting other things. I get the most benefit from Twitter by creating relationships to other people, being part of conversations and helping out.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Dillon. I really appreciate it.

      – Jens

      • Dillon says:

        Well I’m talking about maybe a post a week referring to an article on your site you feel can help a ton of people.

        • jens says:

          Yes, that’s 100% true. Twitter is for many people one of the best sources for traffic, and it’s because they are tweeting their posts. It’s not among my top 5, but it’s among the top 10 when it comes to traffic.

          Thanks again for the awesome comment.

  2. Davis says:

    Great tip..we should see how will it help…..

  3. tyler says:

    Hey thanks for twitter tips! My first blog is barely 2 weeks old and a high percent of my blogs traffic is from twitter. One mistake I made though was following too many people, it cut me off at 2k lol. If you love android follow me at @411_droid

  4. jo says:

    ive just setup my twitter account,im hoping it will send a few more followers to my blog,thnks jens

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