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5 successful habits of visionary companies

A business will thrive if it focuses on building a strong culture; by measuring smiles, turning smiles into goosebumps, and creating daily habits for progress, with a great definition of success.

The following is based on my personal experience with different companies and organizations, and the five common habits I’ve discovered from visionary companies, are part of how they’re practicing and focusing on the creating habits as part of their company culture.

Building strong relationships

With strong relationships with your customers, most likely, they won’t be looking to buy what you’re selling from anyone but you. They won’t be looking at the price, and they won’t be questioning your decisions. You’ll have returning customers for a very long time.

With strong relationships inside your company, between all the people employed by the company, you won’t see many leaving and looking for jobs at other companies.

This is part of why Zappos is having a huge success.

Building trust

Trust is part of a strong relationship, it’s also how we build and how we sustain a long lasting relationship as both an employee and as a customer. We want to be around people we trust, and especially when it comes to business.

Trust is part of excellent customer service. Successful leaders inspire trust. Organizations characterized by a high degree of trust are often the most successful.

Motivate and inspire

Visionary companies focuses on motivation and inspiration, both inside the workplace and outside. Visionary companies are using both intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is the interest or enjoyment in the task itself and it’s part of the individual rather than relying on external pressure or a desire for reward.

Extrensic motivation is focused on the performance to get a desired outcome, and it’s more or less the opposite of intrinsic motivation.

Practicing gratitude

A great method to nourish any team and culture is to practice gratitude. Visionary companies do this daily or weekly, by asking questions like:

Who inspired me today? What brought me happinness today?

As part of the habit, some companies use a gratitude journal, they write thank you letters to their customers (and co-workers) and they take gratitude walks; alone, with a co-worker or with customers.

Positive affirmation

Many of the most successful companies have created phrases, inspiring statements to help everyone improve; phrases each employee should speak or read as part of their habit. Practicing positive affirmations is part of positive thinking and a method to make each person be at their best and at their peak level most of the time.

Examples of positive affirmation:

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