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4 Simple Ways to Make Your Customers Love You

I am not exaggerating when I say that, at no time in history has the competition, in any market, been any more intense than what we’re experiencing today. The competition is fierce. It’s getting more and more difficult to get new customers, by using old marketing techniques.

That’s exactly why we need to keep focusing on selling to our existing customers, instead of adding more resources on selling to new customers. We sell more, by turning our existing customers into fans. That was what I was thinking about when I wrote that you should give your subscriber a rose and take her to the prom. You should think of your customers as the most important people in the world. Your customers are the reason why you have a business. They are the ones paying you money. And, they should help you spread the word about your business.

Here are four simple ways to make your customers love you.

Always listen

When I meet people, I always try my best to listen more than I speak. I want to understand who they are. I want to get to know them. When I listen, I will receive information that can be very useful in building strong relationships. For instance, if you listen to what I am saying, you’d know that I love pizza, and that I’m a vegetarian. If you meet me, and start talking about either pizza or vegetarianism, you’d be on your way to creating a good long-lasting relationship with me.

There are many ways you can listen to your customers. You can just listen when they talk, or you can use surveys, focus groups or social media. One of the best things about social media is that you can just sit back and relax and listen. This way you’ll get a lot of information about people.

Give customers something new

If I’m a regular customer, I would want information about new products. I would want information about products that are related to things I’m interested in. If I owned a VOLVO, I would want information about a new model of the VOLVO I bought earlier. If there are anything new, that’s related to my preferences, I would want information about that.

Let your regular customers know about your latest updates and let them know about your innovations.

Stay in touch

I don’t understand why my hairdresser don’t call me when it’s time to cut my hair. I don’t have a regular hairdresser, and that’s exactly the reason. If hairdresser would just call me and tell me that it’s time to cut my hair (because it’s been seven weeks since the last time he cut my hair), I am sure that I would keep coming back to him. Sometimes, all you have to do is stay in touch. Send you customer an email or a postcard. Tell them you miss them, ask them how they are doing – do something.

Reward your customers

Once in a while, you should reward your customers. You can send them small tokens in the mail, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. If you know that I drink tea, send me a tea bag in the mail and tell me that you’ve discovered a new taste at the mall, and that you thought of me when you discovered it. Or, if you have the money, create a ladies night for all your female customers. Be creative.

It’s not that hard. Focus on building a stronger relationship with your customer, and start small. Listen to what they are saying, understand who they are and understand what makes them tick. Give them something new. Stay in touch and reward them.

4 responses to “4 Simple Ways to Make Your Customers Love You”

  1. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    Great tips, Jens 🙂

    I also loved the examples (especially the hair dresser one. Now that I think about, I am wondering why hair dressers don’t do that).

    Listening is perhaps the most powerful tool of all. Ignoring our clients won’t get us anywhere – In the long term, we will end up causing more problems for our company (think how fast negative reviews spread? People are ‘excited’ to share negative reviews).

    Appreciate the tips, Jens 🙂 Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Mark Ford says:

    Staying in touch with your customers is massively important.

    I send out a weekly email with the most popular post from my blog. That keeps me fresh in their minds and makes me useful to them.

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