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4 Great “NEW” Podcasts

My favorite podcast app is Pocket Casts. I listen to a lot of different podcasts daily, you can view the list here. I have just updated my subscriptions, and I have added four great “new” podcasts.

The Model Health Show: staying healthy is important to me

Entrepreneur on Fire: 7 days a week, interviews with successful entrepreneurs

5 am Miracle: I get up early, and I start working when most people are sleeping.

On Being: interesting interviews about life and being human

Let me know. Do you have any favorite podcasts?

5 responses to “4 Great “NEW” Podcasts”

  1. I prefer Stitcher but I’m considering an iPhone now that they’re getting bigger so I might try the iTunes app. We listen to many of the same shows Jens. I also like:

    Content Warfare
    Social Media Marketing
    Learning With Leslie
    Social Triggers
    Podcast Answer Man
    Smart Passive Income
    This Week In Tech (TWIT)
    The Fizzle Show
    The Solopreneur Hour
    This Is Your Life
    Social Media Social Hour
    Chris Ducker
    Onlne Marketing Made Easy
    Beyond The To-Do List
    Ask Pat
    Science Friday

    Sadly, that’s just SOME of the shows I never miss an episode of. There are dozens of others that I’m subscribed to. Yes, I’m a podcast junkie. lol

  2. Thanks, Jens, and nice list @HotBlogTips:disqus 🙂 I enjoy many of those shows as well.

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