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3,000 followers on Twitter using Tweet Adder

I’ve been using Tweet Adder since May 29, it’s been close to three weeks. Yesterday I looked at my stats and discovered that I have more than 3,000 followers on Twitter. See the proof here.

On May 28 I had about 1700 followers, in three weeks I have received more than 1300 new followers on Twitter. All this thanks to Tweet Adder.

The power of Tweet Adder┬áis the targeted followers, the automation, and how easy it is to use. I’ve been just pushing a button a few times a day, and close to everything is done for me.

I could have received a lot more followers, I know this for sure. The reason I’m not, is because I don’t want to be testing the limits of Twitter. I am just using the default settings of Tweet Adder, and still, I’m receiving about 500 new followers a week.

So far, I think Tweet Adder is a very reasonable and very powerful marketing software.

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  1. twitter says:

    Great post- very enjoyable read I agree with most of what you said.
    It was very enlightning. I will keep a lookout for your next post.

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