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3 Ways I Use Google Alert For Linkbuilding

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My inbox is packed with emails, and many of them are from Google Alert, the service keeps my inbox really busy.

I’m not counting, but I probably receive between 15 and 20 emails a day from just from Google Alert. I use Google Alert for a lot of things, and linkbuilding is one of them.

In order to understand what I’m doing, you should read how to start using Google Alert in 2 minutes

How I Keep Track of Incoming Links

Whenever my blog receives a new incoming link, I’ll get an email from Google Alert. Sometimes I write an email to the people linking to my blog and say thank you, but usually I don’t. It’s always good to be noticed of incoming links. This way, I’ll know that I’ve done something right. And I’ll try to keep doing what works.

In order to track my incoming links I set up the following alert :

Whenever my competitors are receiving incoming links, I get an email from Google Alert. This way, I know what they’re doing, and I might end up doing the same stuff myself.

This is how I set up the alert:

How I Find New Backlinks

There are two ways I use Google Alert to help build backlinks.

Inanchor is how to search google for only the anchor text of Web pages. Results are listed based on the text used in the backlinks or outside links pointing to the page.

For instance, if I am looking for links with the name of my competition, in order to create the same backlinks as they have, I would use the following alert:


Allinanchor is a variation of the inanchor, the difference is that is searches for all the words in the anchor text.

For instance, I have set up an alert for Internet Marketing Tutorials, since that’s one of my main keywords. This is how:

allinanchor:internet marketing tutorials

I’ll receive an email from Google Alert every time a new page has internet marketing tutorials as anchor text. Very useful.

How I Research Keyphrases

If I haven’t already said it, knowing who your competitors are is very important. Only then will you get a higher ranking in the search engines.

For instance, when it comes to my keyword “internet marketing tutorials”, I want to get an email every time my competitors updates their site with the phrase Internet marketing tutorials.

This is how I do it:

“internet marketing tutorials”

Google Alert is part of how I use linkbuilding and focus on various linkbuilding levels.

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8 responses to “3 Ways I Use Google Alert For Linkbuilding”

  1. Spence says:

    I’d never thought to use Google Alert to build links. Thanks for the great tip.

  2. arvb says:

    Hi Jens,

    Great post. I never though of using Search operators in this angle. Now your post motivating me to look into this in deeper.

    well done..

  3. Alicia says:

    Google alert is a great tool in linkbuilding but i prefer using Market Samurai since there are a lot of features in this software. You can track your SERP, analyze your competitors backlinks, look for trending topics wherein you can write about and it also helps you monetize your blog.

  4. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Hi sir jens, its nice to see this page I got some Idea with this post..

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