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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Multiple Twitter Accounts

Twitter is an awesome service, especially to build relationships and get targeted traffic. Most people are using one single twitter account, and are using it for everything related to their lives. This got me thinking, sometimes it might be better to have multiple twitter accounts (follow me on twitter @berget).

There are 3 reasons why you should consider to have more than one twitter account.

1) Targeted traffic

It’s fairly easy to get targeted traffic from twitter. You need to find like-minded people, follow them, try to make them follow you, and start the conversation. The problem with one account, is that you might have a lot on your mind. If you have more than one blog, or you want to be talking about several completely different topics, your followers might not be as interested in everything you have to say.

If you use one twitter account for each topic, you know that your followers are interested in everything you have to say.

2) Easier and more fun

If you have one twitter account for each topic, it should be a lot easier to tweet. Your thoughts are more focused on your tasks, because you understand that every tweet should be about a certain topic. Your focus could be on each niche, if you have more than one blog or more than one website. This way, you will only tweet about your niches.

You could have two twitter accounts. One for your business and one for personal use. This way, you separate your working life from your personal life. I think it’s more fun to tweet when you know who your followers are and what they are looking for in a tweet.

3) Your followers will worship you

When you use Twitter as a business tool, you should not be sending tweets about everything you are doing. The first weeks when I was using twitter, I had huge problems to understand what I was going to tweet about. Sometimes I ended up sending tweets about what I was going to eat for breakfast, other times I was sending tweets about movies I was going to watch.

It’s ok to be tweeting about stuff like that, but think about your targeted followers. What kind of information are they looking for? If you have two blogs, one about Internet marketing and one about healthy food, you could consider two accounts at twitter. The followers at your Internet marketing account, they want information about Internet marketing, the followers at your healthy food blog, they want information about healthy food. If you combine the two topics into one account, many of your followers might get frustrated, and they might find many of your tweets to be a waste of time.

If you target your followers and your tweets, your followers might end up worshiping you. They might end up wanting and waiting for every tweet you send.

You should also consider to have more than one twitter account if you are going to use twitter on behalf of a client or if you are tweeting in a different language. Sometimes I send replies to Norwegian twitters, I send the replies in Norwegian, this means that 99.9% of my followers won’t understand them. This is not something I should keep doing.

The problem with using more than one twitter account

The single most important reason why you should only have one account is that you will spend more time finding followers and sending tweets (taking part in the conversations). If you don’t have much time, I would probably go with one account.

It could also be a problem to keep track of the different accounts. If you don’t use a service like Splitweet, you might end up with sending the wrong tweets from the wrong accounts and to the wrong followers.

Personal branding

Should you have one twitter account if you consider twitter to be a service for personal branding? You might have different topics (blogs in various niches), but what you are really looking for, is a way to get people to know you and all the different things you are doing.

If personal branding is the single most important reason why you are using twitter, then go with one account. If you still want to separate your tweets, you could (and should) use your twitter page and all the information on twitter as your personal branding tool.

What you should do now

There are many reasons why you should consider using one or more twitter accounts. In the end, I think the question you need to ask yourself is this; why am I using twitter and what am I trying to accomplish by using twitter?

2 responses to “3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Multiple Twitter Accounts”

  1. Dharmabytes says:

    Great article! I post from 5 twitter accounts for all the above reasons and try to target my tweets to specific audiences. For all the same reasons, I only maintain one Facebook, not just because it’s against the terms of service to have more than one, but because it would be too hard and too confusing to keep up. I like twitter’s 140 characters, short, sweet and to the point. A tweet manager is essential, though. Right now, I’m using tweetdeck, but will certainly check out splitweet.

  2. I am now using HootSuite, you should really try it. It’s the best Twitter client I have tried and I really recommend it.

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