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3 Reasons Why I Schedule My Tweets

I’m always writing my own tweets. It’s not like I’m automating them, like many people do when it comes to direct messages. But, I’m not publishing my tweets immediately after I’ve written them.

I’m using a software called TweetAdder to schedule my tweets. I’m publishing them throughout the day and not all at the same time. It’s because I’m not using Twitter more than twenty minutes a day (at a maximum), most of the time a lot less.

There are mainly three reasons why I schedule my tweets:

1. Time Management

It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s happening at work, with my kids, blogging, writing articles and so on, and at the same time using Twitter. There are just too many things happening every single day. When I schedule my tweets, I can publish them when I’m at work, or when I’m at school with my kids, or even when I’m cooking dinner. I don’t have to find the time to write and publish each tweet anymore. I write a few tweets (sometimes as many as 10), it only takes a few minutes, and then I schedule them to be published during the day. I’m just too busy (thinking about other things, or doing them) to keep publishing my tweets during the day.

2. I like to avoid clutter and tweet when inspired

I enjoy writing when I feel like writing, that’s writing when I’m inspired. Usually, I take notes (both written and mental), and in the end, I use my computer once or twice during the day in order to write down everything. I don’t like to send all my tweets during the 20 minutes when I’m actually using twitter. If I would do that, my followers’ twitter stream would be filled with my messages, and not many people would read them. They would probably unfollow me instead. Therefore, I schedule my tweets throughout the day, so each message will be sent alone, and most likely, a lot more people will read them.

3. Visibility and I enjoy tweeting while I’m sleeping

I live in Norway. My followers are mostly active on Twitter when I’m sleeping (because most of them live in the US and parts of Asia). When I schedule my tweets to be published while I’m actually sleeping, my tweets have a better chance to be read. A lot of people are following hundreds or thousands of people on Twitter. If I publish my tweets while they’re actually using Twitter, my tweets will appear in their timeline when they’re looking at it (and not when they’re sleeping).

4 responses to “3 Reasons Why I Schedule My Tweets”

  1. Jens says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I’ve tested a few services, and I ended up with TweetAdder, mostly because of the other features.

    I’m really satisfied with it.

    – jens –

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