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3 Best Free Direct Download eBooks

I don’t care much for long lists. That’s why I have added the top 3, and not the top 50, of the best free eBooks I have read (the most inspiring ebook is this one). And it saves me a lot of time.

I haven’t read many eBooks that are both free and where a direct download is provided (no optin required). But among the ones I have read, there are three I think you should read (right now):

They are:

Number 1: Seth Godin’s Unleashing the ideavirus

Seth Godin is probably my favorite author when it comes to books about marketing. I have read all of his books, and I bought unleashing the ideavirus before I realized that it was available for free. The book is about how to get ideas, and how to spread them from customer to customer. He provides many examples of successful marketing that has been spread throughout the world.

Download Unleashing the ideavirus

Number 2: Leo Babauta’s Focus

I have been reading Leo Babauta’s famous blog Zen Habits for a while. It’s all about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives.

Focus is an eBook about how to get rid of distractions and foucs on the important things in life (and business). If you’re like most people, who are checking their e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, at the same time as you’re talking to your co-workers, then you should read it.

Downlaod Focus

Number 3: Keith Bloemendaal’s Four Hour Sleep Week

I haven’t been reading Keith Bloemendaal’s blog Hot Blog Tips that long, just a few weeks. When I discovered it, I realized that I had found an awesome source of great information about blogging. The same day as I discovered his blog, I found his eBook and I read it in one sitting.

The 4 hour sleep week is all about the sacrificies we have to make in order to be successful. It’s never about earning money by working only a few hours a week, it’s usually the opposite. He explains what he had to do in order to become successful, and he has interviewed several famous people who describes their sacrifises as well.

Download 4 Hour Sleep Week

Do you have any tips on other free ebooks?

If you have any tips on free ebooks (in any topic), with a direct download, please leave the tips as a comment below.

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26 responses to “3 Best Free Direct Download eBooks”

  1. Good ebooks.

    Launched couple of months ago, from google and the dummies “Improving Online Conversions for dummies”. Good e-book.

  2. Sathish says:

    Hi Jens, Thanks for sharing these books. I am newbie to marketing. Hope these books will help to understand the basic concepts. Thanks again

  3. Anonymous says:

    Since I’m in the middle of my relaunch, I’m too busy to consider such things…but have bookmarked this post for future reference. Thanks!

  4. Ishan says:

    I have started reading focus but I did not know about others. I like the concept of 4 Hour Sleep Week and will surely download it.

  5. I have just discovered another free ebook with a direct download. It’s “How we do our best creative work” and you can download it from Thoughtwrestling.

  6. Hey Jens, thanks for the mention here, and wow I am among some great company! Glad you liked my eBook, I am going to work on a second version of it soon….

  7. Mail Server says:

    Hi,I am amused by your blog,Your blog is a true source of knowledge and I am glad to read it. Your blog contains the real essence of you efforts on your ebooks, keep writing such meaningful blogs.

  8. Free Stuff says:

    I would recommend another one here which is 279 Days to Overnight Success by Chris Guillebeau. A wonderful book with intense advice, some crazy advice, but mostly great advice.

  9. Awesome. Do you have the link?

  10. nuttynupur says:

    Ebooks are often without concrete steps- do you know of any which are?

  11. micheal says:

    Thanks for good information Jens.

  12. sai krishna says:

    hello Jens,
    these 3 e books was very help me to me because i am beginner in marketing .nice share .

  13. sai krishna says:

    very nice resources 🙂

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