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17 Surefire Tips for Making a Successful Business Loan Pitch

A few days ago, one of my readers told me that he had published a post with the title “17 Surefire Tips for Making a Successful Business Loan Pitch”. So, I headed over and started to read. It took just a few sentences before I understood that this was very interesting. Well, the headline says it all and it made me read it. I am in no need for a loan, but it was very interesting to read how you should go about to get a loan.

I think that number 13 is especially important. You got to tell the truth, and don´t exaggerate the facts. If you do exaggerate, I will bet you that they will find out and you will be in big trouble. Always tell the truth, especially if you are looking for a loan.

Not only do they have seventeen surefire tips, but at the end Rich is providing several references on how to create that pitch. So, if you are interested in how to make a successful business loan pitch, you should head on over to business and read the post.

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