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101 ways to promote

Another post about GDI, well actually it has nothing to do with GDI. About a week ago or so I discovered a site at a traffic exchange. It had the title 101 ways and tips to promote Global Domains International. I signed up, not because I am still thinking about joining GDI, but because I was curious about the 101 ways.

Will I be getting 101 e-mails about different ways to promote GDI? After about a week I have received one new way to promote GDI every single day. I must say that I am impressed, this seems to be a very good e-course for any downline in any company. If you get 101 ways and tips on how to promote your company, I would think that you should find at least a few tips that you can use of your own.

I have nothing to do with GDI, but I am impressed by this way of promoting (and helping your downline), so here´s the link for the e-course. The man behind it is Michael Gentry, I have no information about him at all. I sent him an e-mail about a week ago, and I still haven´t heard anything.

I am not sure if this e-course is something that he shares with other members of GDI (his downline), if he is the author or if this is something that the company is providing for their members.

I think that this kind of e-course should be something all companies should provide. If they do, many will have success based upon the tips they are getting.

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