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Get 100% control of your email


I want to start by saying that I really enjoy testing new technology, new products and new methods. Testing is what I do in order to make progress, and one of the things I’ve been struggling with for the past year, ever since I started my business, is time management.

I’ve read many books on the subject, and I have spent hours staring at the computer screen, fighting the resistance, thinking that I should be doing something completely different. One of the things I’ve been having a difficult time dealing with was email.

I want to reply to fast, I want to be a super hero when it comes to how fast I reply to the people who are contacting me. But, it’s been kind of depressing when I think about it, because usually, I send my reply 3-4 days after I have received the email. That’s because I get hundreds of emails every single day, and it’s been close to impossible dealing with everything on a daily basis. I have meetings to attend, I have clients to help, and I am currently working on some big projects.

Finally – I discovered the cure


At one time, I thought that what I was going through was some sort of illness. I was receiving more emails every single day, and I just couldn’t see what was important and what was more or less plain old spam. And, several times, I ended up deleting important emails.

Now, things are different, I still don’t answer emails right away, but I’m a lot faster, and I have 100% control of my inbox, thanks to SaneBox.

I started out testing it for free for 14 days, and after the free trial, I decided to upgrade. I discovered, through their free trial, that their system of handling email is the most perfect system I’ve tried (and I have tried many).

It’s very easy to set up, and it’s fairly easy to explain as well. What I got was a few new folders in my email client, like SaneLater and SaneNews. All my emails are now being filtered by SaneBox, and the system at SaneBox will only send the most important emails to my inbox. So, throughout the day, I will only check my inbox and I will reply fast to the emails I receive in my inbox. In the evening, I’ll go through the other folders to see what I have received.

I feel that SaneBox saves me hours every day. And, I highly recommend it, if you’ve been feeling that you’re not in control of your email anymore.

Remember, you can try SaneBox for free for 14 days.

12 responses to “Get 100% control of your email”

  1. Rogier Noort says:

    Hey Jens.., always nice to read about something new, thanks.
    For now, my mail is well under control, not that many messages. But, I can totally see the usefulness of SaneBox.

    • I started to lose control of my email about a year ago. I think it’s a combination of being on too many lists, and that a lot more people are contacting me via my blog now than before. And, I really want to be personal online, it was a nightmare when I couldn’t find the important emails fast enough.

  2. Tim Bonner says:

    Hey Jens

    This sounds really cool! I love testing out new stuff too.

    I’ve got tonnes of email accounts now I need to keep on top of. I think they’re all POP ones though so I don’t know that SaneBox would work for me as it only mentions IMAP.

    I’d probably need more email accounts connected to it than just one as well, so it might work out more expensive than I’d like.

    I love the sound of it though so I’m going to check it out later on when the kids have gone to bed :-).

    • I am not sure about the POP vs IMAP, but you can just try it for free and see if it’ll work. I tested it for 14 days and it’s one of the best business decisions I’ve made so far. My email is now completely different and I can finally manage it in my daily schedule. I have added two accounts to SaneBox, but I am forwarding other accounts to my gmail, so everything goes through SaneBox.

  3. Great post! I recently posted about getting in control of email as well – but mine was more about keeping on top of replying and actioning emails, not so much about sorting incoming emails. This looks like a handy tool, I would have loved to have seen some numbers or some such on how much it has helped you. 🙂

  4. Jacob says:

    Thanks for sharing.I am using sanebox….It took less than an hour for the service to go through my hundred of emails in my entire Gmail inbox and archive. At the end it did a pretty good job of determining what was important, too, placing my Twitter notification emails and Facebook “like” or message alerts in the Sanelater folder or the label in my Gmail.

  5. Peter says:

    Control on emails was never been so easy, Thanks for updating knowledge about Sanebox , I’ll surely try it soon.

  6. Sunday says:

    This is my first time of hearing about SaneBox and all it offers. If this tool can actually help me take control of email, then it should be the email marketing to install. Thanks for recommending it Rogier, I am going to sign up for the 14 day free trial to see how it REALLY work!
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  7. Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Jens,

    To be honest I’m turning into some sort of an e-mail soup nazi kind of guy, I already know what is important and what’s not through filters and proper e-mail redirectioning.

    Sanebox still looks like a real nifty service to have in place so if I start going insane any time soon, now I know where to look for the solution lol thanks man!


  8. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jens, I’m so glad you were able to get control of your email with Sane Box. That’s the sign of success as an entrepreneur, right? Too much attention!

    I will have to look into Sane Box as I could certainly use help with this. Thanks for letting us know about this handy service!

  9. Aayna says:

    Many a times opening the inbox of my mail account give me goosebumps, especially when I open it after returning back from a holiday. There are loads of mails, out of which only a few are relevant or of use to me. I guess, through this post, you have provided me the solution. I will start with the trial version first. Thanks for the share.

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