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10 seconds Marketing Technique Using MyBlogLog

I have tried a marketing technique that only takes about 10 seconds and it works. It sounds like something that`s too good to be true, but I am not kidding. I am not sure how long it will work though, because when more and more people discover it, it will loose its effect. But so far, if you are a member of MyBlogLog (this is a link to my community at MyBlogLog) you should start applying this marketing technique at least once a day.

MyBlogLog Marketing Technique

Itīs really very simple. As you can see from the picture above. First, go to your own page at MyBlogLog, the one where you have an overview of the sites / blogs you author and the communities you are a member of and your contacts are listed and so on (mine is located here: – just switch berget with your own username and you will go right to it).

Now, scroll down to where it says “New Neighbors from My Communities”. From the image above and from what you see on your screen, you will have four people who recently have joined communities that you are a member of. This means that all four people have some of the same preferences as you have when it comes to which communities to be a member of. From that you can probably say that you have something in common, and that they might like your blog as well.

What you need to do now and this takes about ten seconds or so, is to click on the images of the four people who have joined communities that you already are a member of. Take a look at the image above, I have numbered the four pictures currently showing at MyBlogLog page. I would click on number 1 first, then click back on my browser, then click on number 2, then click back on my browser and so on. You donīt need to be at their page for more than 1 second, you donīt need to read anything if you donīt want to.

By doing this, the people that you have clicked on will see that you have visited their “profile” at MyBlogLog and they might become a little interested to view more information about you. When they view your profile they will see your picture and information about you and your blogs / sites. I am not sure how many will click on your blog and actually visit it from this 10 seconds marketing technique, but I know for a fact that I have received many visitors this way. It all depends on that you have joined communities that are related to your blog and your interests, and that your profile is one that contains interesting information about you and your blog.

3 responses to “10 seconds Marketing Technique Using MyBlogLog”

  1. Michelle MacPhearson says:

    I love that all the traffic from PlugIM is very targeted, have had excellent results with it. Thanks for visiting and using the plugin.


  2. Heather Masson says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog – added you to my reader.

    I agree about PlugIM, love the fact that it’s just internet marketing related. This is a newer community, but it’s already exploding with growth.

  3. Jens says:

    Thanks both of you.

    I agree that PlugIM seems to be a great community and a great plugin.
    I will continue to use it, and look forward to read your posts.

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