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10 Examples of Messages To New Followers On Twitter

I have been using twitter for a while (@berget), and lately, I have been more eager to use twitter than during the past months, or even just a few weeks ago. The reason for this might be that twitter is growing at a rapid pace, and I am receiving new followers and new “friends” every single day. Along with this, I am also receiving traffic to my blogs from twitter… and of course, I know a lot more about twitter and how to use it now, than I did a while ago.

There are many ways to use twitter, some use it for business purposes only, some use it for building relationships, and some combine several uses of twitter. I am not going to be focusing on the reason why and how to use twitter in general during this post, but if you are interested, you can read some of my earlier posts on the topic:

The purpose of this post though is to highlight how and why people are sending direct messages to their new followers on twitter.

The Real Reasons to send a message to new followers

I believe there are two reasons behind the direct messages to new followers on twitter. The first one is to get attention. The second one is to build a relationship.

By sending a direct message to new followers, you know that they will receive the message and that it’s more likely that they will read it. It won’t just end up with hundreds or thousands of tweets on some list. It’s more likely that they will receive it along with just a few other messages.

By sending the direct message you will get attention from your followers. You can send whatever message you’d find appropriate. It all depends on why you are using twitter. I think that most people are using twitter to build a relationship (not a friendship, but a relationship in order to share information). The message you are sending to your new followers should focus on this relationship. You want them to pay attention to your tweets, and visit your blogs/websites.

Therefore, you don’t want to send them a standard message.

10 examples of messages to new followers

I have been sending a standard message since day 1, and it was something like:

“Thanks for following me. I am looking forward to your tweets. Jens.”

I am not sending a message like that anymore.

Stand out from the crowd and make them believe that you are special, and never ever send affiliate links or try to sell products in your first message to your followers.

Here are 10 interesting examples of first messages to new followers on twitter.

direct messages to followers at twitter

1. I’m honored for your following. DM me ur Utube channel so I can subscribe. (the link)

2. Hi, Deon here. Thanks for following! Please DM me when you’ve got a chance so I can properly introduce myself.

3. OMG! i like u already! 😉 Facebook me: (the link) + check out my video blog too: (the link) –ciao!

4. Appreciate you following me! Thanks! Look for me on FB, Myspace, & LinkedIn under Beverly Schmitt! See ya there!

5. Thanks for the follow! Like to know how to get 16,000 followers in 90 days & Make Money? (the link)

6. Thanks for following. Get your free $20 upgrade – learn to make money online (the link)

7. thnx for adding me looking foward to getting to know you

8. Thanks for following, 150 pages All Twitter Secrets only 1 US$, DM (the link)

9. Hey, Thanks for the follow,following you as well and looking forward to your tweets:) Pls FB (the link)

10. Hi Jens, thanks for following. Looking forward to your new twits

Let me just say that it really helps to use my name in the message, because this way, I understand that it’s not an automated message. It sorts of makes it more personal, and that’s something I appreciate.

As I stated above, I don’t like being sold to during the first message, even though I get a special discount. And I don’t like seeing standard affiliate messages like the one where I could get 16,000 followers. I get about 10 of them every single day.

Finally. Never put too much information in one message.

7 responses to “10 Examples of Messages To New Followers On Twitter”

  1. Frazier Scott says:

    Jens, That’s very interesting. I could never really figure Twitter out either, but your post makes great sense and I will go back and check it out. Thanks

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Frazier,

    I am glad you found it interesting. Finally I am receiving traffic from Twitter every single day.

    If you start using twitterfeed, please tell me about your experience..

  3. nowadays says:

    Nice post friend. Does it really help?…………I need people to post comments on my blog and share their expertise & ideas on money making.

    My best, Vijay

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    Best Regards,
    Edward Stevenson.

  5. Rachel Allen says:

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  6. Tushar says:


    thanks for the info..

    I like this the most “Hey, Thanks for the follow,following you as well and looking forward to your tweets:) ”

    But again one more question, how to take conversation to the next level by introducing what we have been doing in real life and if we could find some synergies of working together.

    Looking for your help in this. (& I subscribed your blog too )


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