Conversions in Google Analytics

I don't spend much time analyzing statistics anymore. I use Quill Engage for almost everything I need in Google Analytics. I receive a weekly and monthly report, and it takes me no more than 5 minutes to read and understand it. But, one thing I'm still doing, is to track conversions in Google Analytics. What is a conversion? The short version is … [Read more...]

Simple is beautiful

I still don't understand why. They told me the reason. But, I'm still questioning every word. I've been out walking; surrounded by darkness, now, standing across the street, watching a fake deer.   You need this; we know how it's done. It'll work. I never heard the words; we¬†promise. If I'd heard it, I would have said no immediately. … [Read more...]

Excellent customer service

This is not just another story about a pizza delivery guy. I'm always looking for that something extra, I'm always looking for excellent customer service. And, when I experience it, I'm dissecting it, to find out exactly why it was excellent customer service. I'm still a fan of shopping at Zappos, without ever being a customer. That's because, … [Read more...]