Remember the details

Many times, remembering the details about a person is how you impress them, and it’s how you make them smile, and it’s how to get a yes every single time. Most of the time, you need a system to help you remember. You need help to remember the details, and you need help to remember […]

The One thing to avoid in meetings

We attend meetings with a goal and a schedule in mind. Most of the time we have a shared opinion of what to accomplish; when and how. Sometimes, we look through the window, outside, waiting for that someone to finish talking. Your mind starts drifting away, and you keep telling yourself that it should be […]

The Information Paradox

We need information to make the right decisions. If we don’t have enough information, we tell ourselves that lack of information is the reason why we didn’t make it, and why we’re not satisfied. It’s the reason we can’t make things work. We need information to be in control. If we at some point understand […]

The biggest question facing us

I arrived at the plumber exactly at 9 a.m. I watched as the man unlocked the door. He smiled and told me I was his first customer of the day. I almost made a sarcastic remark; it’d been a rather chaotic morning. The shower was broken, and I was late for a meeting. Let’s just […]